United Tiles

Enjoy this classical experience where your goal is to tap all the black tiles!
Gabriel Hinca
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Version VARY
Updated on 2024-06-16
Rating 4
Category Music
Package name com.volian.unitedtiles
Downloads 5+
United Tiles Description
Embark on a melodic journey with United Tiles, the ultimate rhythm game that blends classical music with lightning-fast reflexes. As a virtuoso of the piano keys, your mission is simple: tap all the black tiles that harmonize with the enchanting notes echoing through the air.

Tile Variations: The keyboard comes alive with a symphony of tile types:
- Single Tiles: Swift taps for individual notes.
- Double Tiles: A duet of precision—hit both simultaneously!
- Long Tiles: Glide your finger across these elongated keys to sustain the melody.
- Slider Tiles: Follow the path as it weaves through intricate harmonies.

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