Summoners Kingdom:Goddess

Play with the goddess, relax and enjoy, a global 3D idle mobile game.
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Version VARY
Updated on 2024-06-13
Rating 4
Category Role Playing
Package name com.summoners.kingdom.usagoogle
Downloads 100+
Summoners Kingdom:Goddess Description
Welcome to Summoners Kingdom, a thrilling fantasy card RPG adventure!

Dear Summoners, our kingdom needs your help! Dive into the mystical world of Summoners Kingdom and embark on an epic journey to save our realm from darkness. Rescue your beloved goddess and protect her from the clutches of evil as you fight to restore peace and harmony to our land.

Summon and Collect Heroes:
Gather over 100 unique and powerful heroes, each with their own special abilities and skills. From brave warriors to cunning mages, assemble your ultimate team of heroes and unleash their power in battle!

Strategic Card Battles:
Engage in strategic card battles where every decision counts! Use your collection of cards wisely to outsmart your opponents and claim victory in intense battles.

Explore the Realm:
Venture through various realms filled with mythical creatures, ancient ruins, and hidden treasures. Discover the secrets of Summoners Kingdom as you explore new lands and encounter legendary creatures.

Build Your Kingdom:
Construct and upgrade your kingdom to strengthen your heroes and unlock new abilities. Build alliances with other players, join guilds, and compete in epic guild battles for glory and rewards.

Master the Elements:
Harness the power of the elements to turn the tide of battle in your favor. Strategically use fire, water, earth, and wind elements to defeat your enemies and become the ultimate Summoner!

Gorgeous 3D Artwork:
Immerse yourself in stunning 3D graphics and exquisite artwork inspired by Norse mythology. Experience the beauty and danger of the Summoners Kingdom in breathtaking detail.

Strategic Placement:
Deploy your heroes strategically on the battlefield and watch them come to life in thrilling battles. Utilize placement tactics to maximize your team's potential and overcome any challenge.

Log in now and join the adventure in Summoners Kingdom, the idle RPG card game with beautiful heroines and epic battles inspired by Norse mythology!
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