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Engaging Star Trek Trivia Game: Test Your Sci-Fi & Space Quiz Skills!
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Version 1.0.1
Updated on 2023-11-28
Category Trivia
Package name com.fronapp.startrektrivia
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Star Trek Trivia Galaxy Description
Title: Star Trek Trivia Challenge: Warp Speed Quiz Adventure


Embark on an interstellar journey through the vast universe of Star Trek with our "Star Trek Trivia Challenge"! This app is a haven for all Trekkies looking to test their knowledge and engage in a thrilling quiz experience that spans the entirety of the Star Trek saga.


100 Engaging Questions: Dive into a galaxy of over 100 meticulously crafted multiple-choice questions that cover everything from the Original Series to the latest additions in the Star Trek universe. Whether you're a fan of the classic adventures of Captain Kirk and Spock or the new frontiers with Captain Picard, there's something here for every Star Trek enthusiast.

Dynamic Timer System: Feel the adrenaline rush as each question is timed, pushing you to think and respond quickly. The faster you answer, the more points you score, making each session a fast-paced challenge that tests both your knowledge and reflexes.

Local Leaderboard: Compete against yourself and other local players! Our local leaderboard system lets you track your progress and scores, encouraging you to break your records and climb to the top. It's a personal challenge and a way to see how you fare against fellow fans in your area.

Points for Speed and Accuracy: Score points not just for correct answers, but for how swiftly you respond. This unique scoring system rewards both your Star Trek knowledge and quick thinking, making for an engaging and competitive experience.

Rich Star Trek Lore: Each question is an opportunity to explore the rich lore of the Star Trek universe. From the technology of the Enterprise to the history of the Federation, immerse yourself in the details that make Star Trek a beloved sci-fi franchise.

Regular Updates: We continually update the app with new questions and challenges, ensuring that even the most dedicated fans will find fresh and exciting content.

Why Play Star Trek Trivia Challenge?

For the Love of Star Trek: This app is crafted by fans, for fans. Every element of the game is infused with the spirit of Star Trek, offering an authentic experience that respects the legacy of this iconic series.

Educational and Fun: Whether you're a seasoned Trekkie or new to the universe, our trivia challenge is a fun way to learn more about the Star Trek world. It's entertainment that educates, perfect for players of all ages.

Challenge Your Friends: With our local leaderboard, challenge your friends and family to see who the ultimate Star Trek trivia champion is. It's a great way to bond over shared love for the series.

Improve Your Reflexes: The fast-paced nature of the game isn't just thrilling; it also helps improve your thinking and reflexes. It's a brain workout wrapped in a fun, sci-fi package.

Join the Community:

Connect with fellow Trekkies in our in-app community. Share tips, discuss your favorite series, and engage in friendly competition. It's a space where the Star Trek community comes alive.

Download Now:

Ready to embark on your Star Trek trivia voyage? Download "Star Trek Trivia Challenge" now and start your journey to becoming a Star Trek trivia master!

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