Spot 5 Differences: Find them!

Find the difference between two pictures to improve your concentration and fun!
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Spot 5 Differences: Find them! Description
The perfect find the differences game free to play with more than 5000 wonderful and interesting levels. Challenge your observation skills. Different levels - from very easy to almost impossible!

Search, find and just spot the difference! It's easier than hidden object games with the same beauty as hidden object games!

Do you have sharp eyes? Spot the Differences is just the game for you right now! It's easier than a logic puzzle like other find the hidden object games.
Search, find and just spot the difference! It's easy and simple.
The more you search and find the difference, the more you will be addicting this differences game.

This spot the differences game free is among the best fun games for kids and for adults! Spot the Differences will help you solve the mystery in photo puzzles with beautiful pictures. Our addictive puzzle game is waiting for a puzzle-solving enthusiast ready for a photo hunt of his life! Download Spot the Differences now and enjoy playing this concentration game every day!

These are some features of our game:

- FREE TO PLAY! Play our spot the difference app anytime and anywhere on your device for FREE.
- BEAUTIFUL IMAGES. You will find plenty of different high-quality images in this game that will make finding the difference more enjoyable.
- SIMPLE RULE AND GAMEPLAY. Find 5 differences between two similar pictures and tap on the spots to mark them. You can use a hint to see where there is a difference in the pictures.
- NO TIME LIMIT. There is no time limit! You can take your time to find each difference.
The number of differences in each level is 5 and you will have to find them!
- HOURS OF FUN. With over 5000+ levels to play we provide you with hours of entertainment and a fun gaming experience.
- SOLUTION INCLUDED. We integrated the solution of each level, in case it can not be solved!
- DIFFERENT DIFFICULTIES. We have different difficulties so kids or adults can start playing and enjoying the most addictive compare images game ever!

Guess the difference now! Find items in pictures and decide where the two pictures differ as quickly as you can! If you like playing mystery games, puzzle games, and other educational games, this memory booster will bring you numerous benefits! “Spot the differences” is a free brain teaser that will help you enhance your observation skills in a second. We designed our game with the aim to help you develop your cognitive skills, practice fast fingers, and have a lot of fun! both genders will love it. This game offers you exquisite graphics and intuitive gameplay!

Download it for Free and enjoy finding differences in awesome pictures!

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Comments about Spot 5 Differences: Find them! Android Version
Absolutely love this game. Levels are easy for when I dont want to think too hard but still challenging enough to keep my attention. Very few ads. Once every 4 or 5 levels. Nice balance against the play time. Does have ads free option if you'd like though. Has clues but have never needed them. Graphics are very nice and the stars help you gage where an item might be which I thought was neat. Overall very enjoyable.
Very good variety of pictures, really like the no time limit. My vision is poor, but with the enlargement I can find them. Sometimes even with the enlargement and hint, I cannot see the difference That's the only reason I didn't rate a 5! I like to replay this game to see. how my memory is doing but each time I have to uninstall and have a really hard time finding it again
I love that the ads aren't invasive, and they aren't long. It's easy to back out of the ads without any hassle. The best game so far concerning forced viewing of ads! Kudos!! I've only been playing a few days, so why are the pictures repeating so often? I agree with another person that the cartoon pictures aren't fun, and would rather see better quality ones.
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