Pull The Gold

Gold Miner To Save The Princess
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Pull The Gold Description
Pull the Gold is a small puzzle game. The player plays the role of a gold miner and needs to use a rope to pull the princess up from the ground, but the princess is greedy for the treasures in the ground, and she will be unhappy just pulling the princess. You need to draw a line to circle the princess and the treasures that the princess needs, and then you will win the game.

How to play:
1. The girl will ask for the treasure she needs, which may be gold or gems;
2. Click Coal Miner, and swipe the screen to start drawing lines;
3. Circle the girl and the treasure she needs;
4. Draw the end point of the rope back to the miner, and the miner will tighten the rope hard to pull up the circled girl and treasure;
5. If there are no treasures or girls in the rope circle, or there are more treasures that girls don't need, the game will fail;
6. When there is only the girl and the treasure she needs in the rope circle, the game wins.

Game Features:
1. The gameplay is casual and educational, you can relax while waiting for the bus;
2. Cute villains, lively and interesting, make you happy;
3. Completely free 2D game, release your stress.

Welcome to try our game, if you have any comments on the game, you can give feedback in the game, thank you for your participation.

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