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Perya color game in your mobile devices.
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Version 1.4.5
Updated on 2024-02-09
Rating 4.5
Category Casino
Package name com.walwalGames.ColorGame
Downloads 1K+
Perya Color Game Description
Perya color game in your mobile devices. Play a almost perfect perya color game simulation. Come and play now!

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Disclaimer : We do not promote any types of gambling this game is casual game that contains virtual coins with no value.

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Comments about Perya Color Game Android Version
Somehow, I do managed to enjoyed playing it. Although sometimes the blocks can be easily predicted for 2 to 3 weeks of playing this game, I can somehow memorized the color pattern without even trying. Sure the design and graphic looks decent but the gameplay can be easily predicted, it, of course ruined the game. It is not even cool that most of the times my friends do accused of cheating even though I accidentally managed to just memorized the blocks pattern.
This is fun af. Now you can experience your "perya" days everywhere you want. Music is festive, gameplay is smooth, and coin rule is fair. If I would change something maybe make the physics a little bit more realistic (the dice feels light maybe make it bit heavier), make betting easier (capability to tap in between colors means a half bet for both, numerical bet instead of sliding bar), and maybe ad-free premium with choice of music. User experience is great anyhow.
This is a good leisure game. It's almost perfect besides the dice are a bit slower that it don't make it realistic. And another concern, maybe instead of the "roll" button maybe a rope that you'll pull down just like the original color game in the perya.
Perya Color Game APK FAQ

Is Perya Color Game safe for my device?

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Yes, Perya Color Game follows the Google Play content guidelines to ensure safe use on your Android device.

What is an XAPK file, and what should I do if the Perya Color Game I downloaded is an XAPK file?

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A file with .xapk extension is a compressed package file. It is a container file format that incorporates APK and additional associated files required for the installation. The XAPK format was introduced to package the APK file and OBB file together for a seamless delivery and installation process. XAPK format can help reduce the package size of application. On mobile phones, users need to install the XAPK installer first, and then install XAPK files through that installer. You can find the installer here: But on PC client, you just need to put the file on LDPlayer.

Can I play Perya Color Game on my computer?

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Yes, you can play Perya Color Game on your computer by installing LDPlayer, an Android emulator. After installing LDPlayer, simply drag and drop the downloaded APK file into the emulator to start playing Perya Color Game on PC. Alternatively, you can open the emulator, search for the game or app you want to play, and install it from there.

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