Matching Game by Guardian Kids

A Character-themed Matching Card Game with Sticker Book
JK Tech, LLC
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Version 1.0.0
Updated on 2023-12-15
Category Puzzle
Package name com.jktech.guardian_kids_memory_game
Downloads 5+
Matching Game by Guardian Kids Description
Welcome to Matching Card Game by Guardian Kids! A family-friendly memory card game that combines kawaii cuteness with brain-boosting fun.

Play and Learn:
Challenge your child's memory skills with a variety of adorable characters. Watch as your little ones enhance their cognitive abilities while having a blast!

Earn Rewards:
Unlock a treasure trove of rewards! Collect stickers, vibrant backdrops, and shiny coins as you progress. These rewards are the keys to unlocking a world of creativity and personalization.

Create Your Masterpiece:
Unleash your child's imagination by placing stickers on enchanting backdrops. It's not just a game; it's a canvas for creativity! Move stickers around freely, change colors, and design your very own masterpiece.

Premium Character Stickers:
Earn coins to unlock premium character stickers and watch as your child's eyes light up with joy when they discover new, exclusive characters to play with.

Key Features:
Fun character-themed memory card game
Earn stickers, backdrops, and coins
Unlock premium character stickers
Place stickers on backdrops
Move stickers freely between different backdrops and can change colors
Boost memory skills playfully

Bonus Feature:
Explore the characters even further with a free audio book included in the game!
Join the Guardian Kids community and embark on an educational, adorable adventure!

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