Infinite Fantasy M

Unleash your inner warrior and become a legend
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Version 1.0.6
Updated on 2023-10-16
Rating 4.3
Category Role Playing
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Infinite Fantasy M Description
Infinite Fantasy M is an immersive MMO RPG set in a world of martial arts and mythology. With its rich and detailed lore, breathtaking landscapes, and engaging combat system, players can embark on epic quests, explore a vast world, and forge alliances with other players. Experience the mystical world of Infinite Fantasy M and become a legendary hero in this epic adventure.

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Comments about Infinite Fantasy M Android Version
Only thing it has going for it is the visuals. If games that are heavily automatic and can nearly be played AFK, you might like it, but that kinda tedium and lack of immersion is not for me. Nor is a combat and stats system that has a thousand different numbers and digits going on that would take some serious calculating to even begin to understand.
Well, its a good game, much like neverland with its auto training and auto fighting but has a more of a strategic twist to it, since you have to increase the stats properly to level ahead. But its great for people who are busy with real world stuff and still want to play, you just have to strategize before hand do the daily quest. One thing I didn't like was it limitation to not able to talk with friends unless VIP4 which costs real money. UI should be less cluttered.
Fun and quick to learn. It will start on auto play but you can click it off. The graphics are gorgeous and I enjoy the fight style of the characters. You can choose between a male and female character. More features unlock higher the level you become. There is main as well as side quest storyline. On downloading, opening and playing the size of the game is 2.9 GB.
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