IdleCraft: Pixel Tycoon

Dig mines, fight monsters,buy or upgrade characters,create farms,craft equipment
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Version VARY
Updated on 2023-12-08
Rating 4
Category Simulation
Package name com.mastercluster.idlecraft
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IdleCraft: Pixel Tycoon Description
IdleCraft: Pixel Tycoon is a game where you manage a mine and there you need to be as quick as in a cookie clicker game. Your objective is to dig mines, mine resources, build farms, and craft new equipment to increase your profit.
You will need to consider many factors: equipment cost, workforce assignments, electricity cost and so on. Mind the work safety though: there can be dangerous situations underground what could lead to accidents!

The game brings you into a craft world, where people live in huge underground cities doing mine & craft to survive. All of a sudden, monsters and zombies appear in the mines putting all inhabitants in danger. The main hero of the game is a brave miner, who wants to save his people. He heads to the mines to fight monsters and discover their secrets.

Like in many other idle games, your objective is to buy characters with unique skills and improve their characteristics.

Every character has their own specialization. For example, you can buy a character with a high attack points but low defense points. Another one can be very good at crafting resources but have reduced health points. You choose!

You can improve your miners by upgrading their characteristics, researching new skills and improving their equipment. The more you invest in your miners the stronger they become so your chances to win your fights are higher!

IdleCraft: Pixel Tycoon is a craft world, where you can become a real leader and a strategist! You are going to explore and develop new lands, build new mines, develop mineral deposits and create prospering farms.

You will need to transform wastelands into flourishing gardens, and dungeons into a perfect place to live. Your miners need food, so you need to create some farms. Send your workers to explore new territories to find resource-rich places and build new mines.

In Pixel Tycoon you will be challenged by natural disasters and by confronting monsters. Be prepared for your strategy to be constantly tested.

Game features:
1. Resource management simulator. Plan and organize your mines and farms to ensure your stone miners have everything they need.
2. Strategic gameplay. Create your development strategy, taking into account the landscape, resources and needs of your gold miners.

IdleCraft: Pixel Tycoon is an exciting game for RPG and idle miner fans, where the players can craft unique equipment for their characters. The game offers a wide range of materials, recipes and tools which can help players expose their imagination and skillset

The players can collect resources, explore the game world, fight monsters and complete tasks to obtain rare materials for making weapons, armor and accessories. The players will use different tools and appliances such as forges, workbenches, grinding machines, etc to craft new equipment.

The game's feature is the possibility to combine different equipment types to create unique items with unique characteristics and look. The players can improve or upgrade their inventory by adding new elements or changing the existing ones.

The game also features a craft system which allows making your own recipes to create new items. This lets the players to experiment with different materials and their properties.

We love to play idle miner tycoon games that's why we have created our own pixel craft world."

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