Harmonium – 75 keys / 6.25 saptak octaves harmonium
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Updated on 2024-02-25
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Package name harmonium.music.gameg.real.harmoniumfree
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Harmonium Description
Harmonium is a musical instrument which is a free-reed organ that generates sound as air flows past a vibrating piece of thin metal in a frame. It is an important instrument in many genres of Indian music especially classical. It is widely used in India in Indian music concerts. A lot of Singers use harmonium for practicing vocals to make their vocals and music knowledge more strong. Wannabe singers use it to learn music, understand Sur and improve their vocals.

Harmonium is one of the best musical instruments for practicing vocals, understanding music , understanding Sur (doing Sur Sadhna), understanding Raags (doing Raag Sadhana), doing Kharaj ka riyaz (for improving Bass notes in your voice – getting more deep & resonant voice), improving surilapan (improving sound quality of vocals – sweetening vocals) etc.

A normal harmonium costs something to you but GameG presents you the real Harmonium for free.

Whether you are a musician or a singer (who uses harmonium for practicing vocals), you can carry your harmonium in your device (android phone / android tablet). There are some places where you can’t take your real harmonium but you can carry this one everywhere.

Key Features:-

Smooth Playing - You don't have to lift you fingers if you wanna play next or previous key, you just have to slide your finger smoothly on it.

Coupler - Coupler provides the effect of richness in the sound of the harmonium by adding sounds of an octave higher notes to the notes which you play.

Zoom In / Zoom Out Keys - Use the Plus / Minus buttons for Zoom In / Zoom Out the keys of the harmonium and adjust them according to your needs.

Fullscreen Keys View - Now you can get a fullscreen keys view either by clicking the expand button or from the settings of the app, for getting more keys on the screen

42 keys / 3.5 saptak octaves harmonium extended to 75 keys / 6.25 saptak octaves

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Comments about Harmonium Android Version
I have been using this app ever since it came out. .Even now I have a very good harmonium. Which I made on order from harmonium teacher Mr. Asghar Ali Khan Faisalabad. It also reduced its use. I make music tracks from it. And most simple, advanced feature free and offline harmonium application is not available on the entire internet. The enthusiasts are unable to spend thousands. They can own it in just eight, MB. Thank you sir
A great app. It has all the settings one needs. Sur written on the keys , Eng, hindi both, then, . We have settings for chords and scales, it's great
After update and removing ads with paid version the application getting unresponsive some time slider, mode, lock key did not work.
Harmonium APK FAQ

Is Harmonium safe for my device?

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Yes, Harmonium follows the Google Play content guidelines to ensure safe use on your Android device.

What is an XAPK file, and what should I do if the Harmonium I downloaded is an XAPK file?

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A file with .xapk extension is a compressed package file. It is a container file format that incorporates APK and additional associated files required for the installation. The XAPK format was introduced to package the APK file and OBB file together for a seamless delivery and installation process. XAPK format can help reduce the package size of application. On mobile phones, users need to install the XAPK installer first, and then install XAPK files through that installer. You can find the installer here:https://apkcombo.com/how-to-install/. But on PC client, you just need to put the file on LDPlayer.

Can I play Harmonium on my computer?

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Yes, you can play Harmonium on your computer by installing LDPlayer, an Android emulator. After installing LDPlayer, simply drag and drop the downloaded APK file into the emulator to start playing Harmonium on PC. Alternatively, you can open the emulator, search for the game or app you want to play, and install it from there.

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