Guardian Zen: Bee Brawl

Protect Zen from relentless bees in an adventure
NextApp Studio
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Rating 4
Category Puzzle
Package name com.nextappstudio.beebrawl
Downloads 5+
Guardian Zen: Bee Brawl Description
"Guardian Zen: Bee Brawl" takes you on a journey with Zen and the persistent bees. These unwavering bees keep attacking, finding ways to harm our serene Zen. Your task is to draw protective lines that shield Zen from harm. Challenge yourself to see how many levels you can keep Zen safe.


Use your fingers to draw anything that can protect Zen.

Hold for 10 seconds to prevent these bad bees from hurting Zen.

Immerse yourself in the fun! You'll be captivated by the calming rescue and drawing puzzle.
• Test your drawing skills.
• Encounter unexpected humorous visuals.
• Enjoy soothing game effects.
• Use your brainpower to save Zen.
• Delight in Zen's expressions.
• Look forward to regular weekly level updates.

Do you think you're smart enough to overcome all obstacles and save the Zen in this tranquil rescue mission? Let’s get started!!!

This Zen-saving game will bring serenity and color to your day. Thanks for downloading our game - Save The Zen Original & Zen Escape.

If you have any comments on the game, please provide feedback in the app. Our developers will consistently update the game to deliver a serene gaming experience for you and your friends

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