Devil Ravana The Game

Kill the terrible devil king Ravana along with his family.
Epsilon Digital Game Studio
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Version 2.1
Updated on 2020-01-13
Category Action
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Devil Ravana The Game Description
Celebrate this festival season with the great epic Ramayana.
This action, shooting game is a time base game and requires quick action and strategy to complete the level.
Experience a win over devil king Ravan by killing various Rakshas in various stages and become the great warrior in this epic action game.

Features of the Game:
Play as a warior of God Rama's army.
Bonus Level: You will get bonus levels to collect more coins.
Kill the terrible devil king Ravana along with his family including Kumbhkaran, Meghnath, Akshaykumara and Surpankha.
Play this interesting game with challenging 5 harder levels and destroy the demons and their army.

Rules of the Game:
Each level has Rakshas and a member from Ravana’s family. You have to kill them all to proceed to next level.
in last level you have to kill Ravana.
If you stuck and require more life, watch the rewarded video and get extra life to finish the level.
You must have the BRAHMASHTRA to kill the Ravan. You will have BRAHMASHTRA enabled in
5th level if you have more than 5000 coins. As much you play as much you get coins. Collect more coins by playing bonus levels.

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