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Flame of Valhalla Description

Once upon a time, in the mystical realm of Asgard, the World Tree Yggdrasil stood tall and proud, its branches reaching towards the heavens. The gods of Asgard, led by Odin, revered the magnificent tree, for it was the lifeline that connected their realm with the rest of the cosmos.

However, as the Twilight of the Gods descends, a colossal explosion engulfs the World Tree, causing it to burn and shatter, giving rise to fragments imbued with potent energy known as "The Sacred Flame" scattered throughout the vastness of the cosmos. In their unending journey, the exiles of the sacred realm stumble upon these shattered fragments, and some among them gain the power of the Flame, ascending as new gods.

But not all welcome the arrival of the new gods, especially those displaced, the old gods. And thus, a war spanning thousands of years, the "War of the Gods," erupts.

As the Chosen One, your destiny awaits on this legendary continent, where you shall forge your own tale of greatness...


【Nordic Fantasy Open World】

Step into the world of Norse mythology and embark on your adventure beneath the mysterious, colossal World Tree. Accompanied by a brand-new realistic weather simulation system, where various weather conditions change in real-time, every step you take allows you to admire breathtaking scenery.

【Challenge Epic Bosses】

The bravest warriors will challenge the fiercest enemies! Cooperate with your team and defeat powerful, epic bosses!

【Lead The Global Combat】

Engage in the real-time extensive server-wide war, fighting for the honor of your alliance! Lead elite squads, hack your way through the battlefield, and let your fame echo throughout the world!

【Adventure With Valkyrie 】

Forge deep bonds with Valkyries amidst thrilling adventures, mutually redeeming each other in times of peril!

【Customize Mythic Image】

The game employs the latest facial realism system, enabling you to finely customize facial features and even the texture of your character's skin. Unrestricted by skin color and body type, embark on your adventure in the image you prefer!

【Build Your Skill Tree】

Make strategic use of the skill tree system, customizing your exclusive skills for different combat scenes!

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