Nəfəs Piano Tiles

Several people have successfully passed this piano challenge, when will you be?
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Rating 4
Category Music
Package name com.citygroup.sapp.Nafaspianotilesgame
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Nəfəs Piano Tiles Description
The most important thing in this piano game is where we have to tap the tiles from which initially the tiles go slow to fast

Play while listening to music casually with friends while singing together

Exciting Game Features:

♪ Easy to play : tap the descending tiles on the right beat* Challenging fun : Miss every key, then you win the game while listening to your favorite hits
♪ Selected music and songs: play piano songs while singing with your friends
♪ Get the highest score : Complete the game to get the highest score
♪ For all groups: can be enjoyed by everyone
♪ Favorite Music : Play 15 lists of your favorite music hits and songs

Caution: It is recommended to use a headset to get the best music sound experience...

This is a game for leisure time entertainment with friends, all you need is to listen to music while tapping tiles.....
Enjoy playing.... have a nice day :)

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Currently, Nəfəs Piano Tiles APK download is not available. Please proceed to download from the Google Play Store.
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2. Download Nəfəs Piano Tiles from the Play Store
3. Launch and enjoy Nəfəs Piano Tiles
Nəfəs Piano Tiles APK FAQ

Is Nəfəs Piano Tiles safe for my device?

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Yes, Nəfəs Piano Tiles follows the Google Play content guidelines to ensure safe use on your Android device.

What is an XAPK file, and what should I do if the Nəfəs Piano Tiles I downloaded is an XAPK file?

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A file with .xapk extension is a compressed package file. It is a container file format that incorporates APK and additional associated files required for the installation. The XAPK format was introduced to package the APK file and OBB file together for a seamless delivery and installation process. XAPK format can help reduce the package size of application. On mobile phones, users need to install the XAPK installer first, and then install XAPK files through that installer. You can find the installer here:https://apkcombo.com/how-to-install/. But on PC client, you just need to put the file on LDPlayer.

Can I play Nəfəs Piano Tiles on my computer?

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Yes, you can play Nəfəs Piano Tiles on your computer by installing LDPlayer, an Android emulator. After installing LDPlayer, simply drag and drop the downloaded APK file into the emulator to start playing Nəfəs Piano Tiles on PC. Alternatively, you can open the emulator, search for the game or app you want to play, and install it from there.

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