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Addictive brain block puzzle game.Clear block for score and crush the legend!
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Block Puzzle Guardian Description
No one would say no to this classic and addictive block puzzle mobile game Block Puzzle Guardian: Blast!

Choose the right blocks to create vertically or horizontally lines of blocks without gaps. When such a line is created, blocks get destroyed. Keep your block puzzle board clear and keep your cool as things heat up in this simple but addictive block puzzle game!I'm sure you will enjoy the classic jewel block puzzle game and break the scores!

Block Puzzle Guardian: Blast is a simple yet challenging game that is easy to learn but difficult to master. The block puzzle game blockpuz is made up of a grid of squares, and players are given a set of blocks of different shapes and sizes. You must drag the blocks from the bottom of the screen and place them on the game board.

⏰Be careful! Once the block puzzle is placed on the game board, it cannot be moved, so the strategic plays a great important part in game. But don’t worry, tutorial mode are there for new players, a hint system that can be used to help solve difficult levels, and the ability to undo moves if a mistake is made.

What you need to do is to fill the entire game board with block puzzle without any gaps or spaces. You are given a set of variously shaped jewel blocks that must be arranged in such a way that they fit together without overlapping or leaving any empty spaces.

Block Puzzle Guardian: Blast provides several different game modes, including a classic mode with increasingly difficult levels, a timed mode where players must complete each blockpuz level within a certain time limit, and a challenge bomb mode with special puzzles and boom obstacles.

How to play?
👌Choose the right shape of jewel blocks puzzle to fill below.
👌Blocks will be cleared in a vertical or horizontal line.
👌Crush more blocks puzzle and get more scores on blockpuz.

Game Feature
🏌Simple but colorful graphics that are easy on the eyes
⛹Minimal but satisfying sound effects
🚴Perfect combination of jewel blocks and puzzles
🏋Endless fun of puzzles in jewel kingdom
🤸Various modes available for your choice
🤼‍♂Social gather for fun challenge
🤹No WiFi needed blockpuz

Are you ready to challenge block puzzles jewel game🎮? Join the wildest adventure of your life and have a BLOCK BLAST in Block Puzzle Guardian: Blast !🥰

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Comments about Block Puzzle Guardian Android Version
Amazing game no ads until you fail and there Is only one ad when you Dail then u get straight back into the game its fun and entertaining at the Same time
Last update makes it impossible to put the blocks at the desired place. Constant updates keep on changing that game for the worse. If it ain't broke break it seems to be the moto of the programers
Was a nice game until the latest update rendered it unplayable by inserting adds every few moves. You can dismiss them without watching, but it still completely ruins the flow of the game. I'll keep it for a while to see if the developers come to their senses and remove the mid-game adds, but if they don't, I'll just get another one of the many similar games instead.
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