A frog, flinging from pad to pad, feasting on their fill of fireflies...
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Version 1.0
Updated on 2024-04-18
Category Casual
Package name org.godotengine.blep
Downloads 5+
Blep Description
Welcome to Blep, a chill little game about a hungry little frog. Your light is going out! Keep it glowing by eating the fireflies that live on lily pads. Charge up your croaker to shoot out your tongue. If it lands on a lily pad, you'll jump to it and eat a firefly. But be careful, if you miss, it's game over. How far can you go?

Play games, eat fireflies, shop for hats, look for your scores in the leaderboard, and have a croakin' good time! Thank you for enjoying Blep, Birdangutang's first commercial release. 🦜🐒

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