X City Of Chaos Beginner Guide - Best Tips and Tricks for New Players


Are you trying to find a fun and less complicated game to play during your free time? Then, the game you must be looking for is X City Of Chaos. In this game, you start a journey that pushes you through a challenging adventure facing different kinds of enemies. But don’t worry because there are heroes to assist you during the battles that take over the fields. In the beginning, the game feels easy, but it gets challenging gradually. So prepare yourself to start a new, challenging adventure in the X City Of Chaos gameplay with the best tips and tricks in this beginner guide. 

X City Of Chaos Beginner Guide

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Even though the battles are challenging here, they run with idle factors that are easy to master. The most important factor in a successful battle is the heroes you use in the squad. So use the best heroes in the squad, power up them, and have great adventurous gameplay full of victory parades in the X City Of Chaos game with the tips and tricks in this beginner guide. So, step into the beginner guide full of strategies and then play X City Of Chaos on PC with LDPlayer 9. 

Idle Battles to Take Part in

Speaking of the battles in this X City Of Chaos game, they are idle, and the battles continue without your commands through the AI control ability. Therefore, you don’t have to be busy unleashing skills, selecting targets for skill attacks, commanding each unit on the battle squad separately, etc, as the battles run with idle elements.

Idle Battles to Take Part in

At the end of each battle stage in the main adventure mode here, you obtain tons of rewards for the performance of your squad shown in the battles, only if you win them. Therefore, remember to participate in idle battles with a more powerful combat squad. If your combat squad contains weaklings with lower power, you won’t be powerful enough to win the battles upon reaching higher stages. 

So, always remember to create the best squad and take part in idle battles in the main game mode. Everything will be decided on the gameplay depending on your progression on the idle battle stages in the main mode. Therefore, you must take part in idle battles, complete them, and earn many rewards while leveling up in the gameplay. 

Daily Tasks and Achievements

One of the best ways to obtain an awesome progression within a short time while obtaining lots of rewards in the X City Of Chaos game is by completing daily tasks and achievements. Completing daily tasks must be done within the relevant day as they will expire and vanish after twenty-four hours. 

Daily Tasks and Achievements

The daily tasks are getting refreshed every day within twenty-four hours, so to take maximum advantage of them, you should complete all the daily tasks available. For every daily task you achieve, you receive rewards as promised, and not just that, you receive task points, which will finally give you awesome reward boxes upon collecting enough task points. Since you don’t want to miss even a single chance of obtaining rewards, you should complete the daily tasks and progress in this game. 

And also, you can complete the achievements in this game, which is kinda complicated compared to the daily quests. But these achievements are valid throughout the gameplay, unlike the daily tasks, so you have plenty of time to complete them. By completing the achievements, you get rewarded with loads of prizes. Therefore, make sure to complete the daily tasks, achievements, and progress in the gameplay while getting loads of rewards. 

Challenge Other Players in X City Of Chaos PvP Arena

Besides the adventure idle battles that you take part in the PvE mode, you can also take part in PvP challenges here. The PvP arena is where you should go to participate in PvP battles. These PvP battles are very challenging because you battle against real players who play the game the same as you. Therefore, when participating in these challenges, you must first prepare yourself to face challenging battles with the strongest battle squad. 

Challenge Other Players in X City Of Chaos PvP Arena

There are seasons in the PvP arena that are valid for a special time limit. At the end of the season, you will get rewards based on your position in the PvP arena leaderboards after the time limit has passed. Yes, whenever you take part in PvP arena seasonal challenges against other players, you can improve your rank in the leaderboards depending on your progression on each challenge. If you win, you get rank points, which increase your rank, but if you lose, you lose some of your rank points, which decreases your rank in the arena leaderboards. 

Due to this fact, you need to create the best battle squad using the top-tier heroes, challenge available opponents in the PvP arena to win the challenges and promote your rank in the arena leaderboards to obtain the best rewards at the end of the season. 

Recruit the Strongest Heroes in X City Of Chaos

How do you obtain heroes since your goal is to assemble the greatest fighting squad with the most powerful heroes to win every PvE and PvP match? The only way possible is the recruitment system. The game has a recruitment system that lets you recruit the strongest heroes through various banners. 

Recruit the Strongest Heroes in X City Of Chaos

Here, you can recruit heroes with one to three stars in the basic recruitment banner. In the advanced recruitment banner, you can recruit heroes with three to five stars. And in the friendship recruitment banner, you can recruit heroes with one to five stats. 

When recruiting heroes through any of the banners above, you need various gacha currencies. After obtaining them, you can select the banner and assemble a team of heroes. But when recruiting heroes, the results will always be random according to the gacha rates given in each banner for different star ranks. As expected, the higher star tier heroes have the lower gacha rates while the lower star tier heroes have the higher gacha rates, and therefore, you will get the lower tier heroes most often when recruiting them through this recruitment system. 

But as long as you know how to reroll efficiently, you will get the strongest heroes to your gameplay here. How do you obtain the strongest heroes through efficient rerolling? For that, first, you need to play the X City Of Chaos game on your PC using LDPlayer 9, then create multiple accounts to play the game using the Multi-Instance Sync feature and start rerolling using all the accounts you have created. Rerolling through many accounts at once increases your chances of getting the strongest heroes very quickly. 

Upgrading Your Heroes is Essential in X City Of Chaos

Upgrading your heroes is one of the best tips and tricks you can use during this X City Of Chaos gameplay. Once you get the strongest heroes from the trick above, go to the Hero menu from the main gameplay and choose the heroes you want to make even much stronger. 

Upgrading Your Heroes is Essential in X City Of Chaos

When choosing heroes to make stronger, only select the heroes who are worthy of those belonging to the higher star tiers. After choosing which heroes you will use during the battles, you should make them stronger. 

The first way to make your heroes stronger is leveling them up. By spending some useful resources, you can enhance the level of your heroes. When the level of the heroes gets higher, their combat power naturally increases. Therefore, they become more powerful with the leveling-up process. So, ensure to upgrade the level of your heroes as mentioned in this beginner guide. 

Once the heroes reach their maximum level cap through leveling up the heroes, you should perform a breakthrough to increase their level caps and attributes, making them stronger. It costs you some higher amounts of resources, but it is worth doing. 

Besides that, you can equip your heroes with different equipment items. Every hero can be equipped with a maximum of six items. So when there are items that the heroes are compatible with, you need to equip them to the heroes to increase their power additionally. 


And these are all the tips and tricks you should know when you play the X City Of Chaos game. Here, you are about to start a long journey, killing enemies who cross your path. And for that, you have the heroes to assist you. Therefore, get yourself the best heroes, make the best squad, and start playing this game, engaging in PvP and PvE elements as you wish. However, keep in mind the suggestions and strategies you have read through this X City of Chaos beginner guide.

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