Rainbow Six Mobile Operator Tier List June 2022


Rainbow Six Mobile operator tier list sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Well, it might be familiar but not familiar at the same time. Rainbow Six has been residing in the gaming world for years now, and most players are familiar with the name except for the newcomers. So what is precisely this game? Let us find out more about the game. This is a mobile version with the Rainbow Six Mobile operator tier list. 






Rainbow Six is such a sweet name, you would think, but beware, the game is nothing like its name. Rainbow Six holds a decent position in the gaming industry for being one of the most ruthless and challenging tactful shooting games. 


First and foremost, the game revolves around two teams: Attackers and Defenders, and there will be four unique game modes: defusing a bomb, hostage and taking control of an object in a room. The player will control any attacker or defender within the four gameplay modes. But will it be an easy task? Choosing any attackers or defenders? 


We don’t think so because there are 63 operators in the gameplay. But do not fret, for we only have to focus on the operators in the mobile version of the game, and this Rainbow Six Mobile operator tier list is precisely going to do that. We present the Rainbow Six Mobile operator tier list for all our beginners and pros alike. Let us begin now.


Rainbow Six Mobile Operator Tier List - Defenders


Operator Name




Rook is one of the essential defenders as he supplies the team of defenders with a boost. He carries  R1N "Rhino" Armor Plates utilized for damage resistance. 



There can be unexpected turning events in Rainbow Six Mobile, and one such operator is Mute. He excels at electronics and computer engineering and is one of the youngest students from the world-renowned Cambridge University. Y Mute is super solid in collapsible antennas, planting devices on the floor, activation levers and digital displays. 



Caveira here got some deal-breaking strategies. For years, being an undercover operator among the most vicious gangs in Brazil has indeed polished her surveillance skills. She has some solid limited-space strategy, extraction and speculative circumstances. 



She is a Computer science graduate carrying an MPX Submachine gun. A pro at analytical skills, the blond head applied to the SEAL when it announced that women could join. She suffered quite a lot during the early stages, but with her strong will, she stood tall and now she is among the most sought-after professionals out there.



He is one of the crucial weapons among the defenders. He carries a powerful weapon and one of the most precious gadgets known to the defender. The man is perfectly capable of ruining the incoming projectiles. Since the R6 release, Jäger has been quite popular among the players for his perfect defence strategy.



A lawbreaker at heart, Smoke enlisted in the army so that he didn't want to pursue any formal higher studies. Being a lawbreaker at heart, he was pretty unsatisfied with all the rules and regulations, but his creativity and quick thinking saved the lad's life. 



This is a new defender in town. It is said that he can carry multiple weapons to the fighting arena. We shall be associating with him in the new R6 closed Alpha that is yet to begin.


Rainbow Six Mobile Operator Tier List - Attackers


Operator Name




This handsome bald hunk is great at annoying defenders. Born in the deep north of Scotland, Sledge excels at opening entry locations and new fire lines. In addition to these skills, he is a pro at thermal breaching explosive and mechanical ballistics methods.



Born in Israel, she is a quick and easy frontline who can distract the defenders' strong attention with her breaching and flanking skills. She can also do ranged soft breaching with her updated M120 CREM Breaching Rounds.



She got this name due to her explosive devices that were strongly improvised during her time at the police academy. Due to her training with the CTUS worldwide, she has immense knowledge of rare tactical adaptability. She is capable of charging explosive pellets that can be marked from a long way.



Born in Nancy, France, the pretty lady got some severe brains and skills. She is an intelligence operator and can utilize her ability either as a ferocious entry or a backline comrade. 


Rainbow Six Mobile Best Operator Tier List 


Operator Name




As a defender, losing this man early in the game will drastically impact the team, for an entire assaulting team's backline depends on Thermite. With a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, the Marine Corp excels in patience, communication, and leadership skills.



Our new member of the Rainbow Six Mobile operator tier list, the best attacker's team, will be fighting alongside the other teammates. She will be one of the greatest weapons on her team, for she brings a set of four Candelas and a defensive gadget similar to Jäger's.


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Most of these operators are talented in their particular ways and are super unique. We hope our Rainbow Six Mobile operator tier list helped you all to be more familiar with the Rainbow Six mobile tier list of characters.

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