Perfect World: Revolution Classes Guide July 2021

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Perfect World Revolution is the fantastic MMORPG that comes to the game world by the Perfect world publisher. It has many pre-registrations around the world, and this mobile-optimized game has been truly jazzed up within China before it comes to the western world. So now it is on the west.


Perfect World: Revolution Classes Guide July 2021


You are allowed to do anything you want on one thumb with all the digits. Those all are included with soaring around the sky with winged mounts. You have to battle with some AI creatures who are hiding under the sea and battle goes with other players as well. Players are also required to attend the parties of city shaking on the land.


So today, we are going to understand the classes of this world, and let’s find out what unique styles they have and their different features. Download Perfect World: Revolution on PC, and identify each of their best ones and particular characteristics.  


Races and Classes


In this Perfect World: Revolution, you will see three different races and seven classes on its gameplay. There are three races in here, and each of them comes with their perspective classes.


Human Race 


The human race can be found everywhere on the game, and this is the most vital race available in the game so far. Humans do not possess innate abilities like untamed, which will result in them turning into animals or, like a winged elf, they can’t fly. Two classes are belonging to this race as follows.


Perfect World: Revolution Classes Guide July 2021


Wizards Class 


Wizards are the human mages in the game. They are using fore, earth, and water elemental magics to be the most elemental class to the game eventually. Wizards can deal with severe damage in the game, and they have healing spells with elemental shield buffs. They will start their battles with a lowered physical defense, but their skills give them a double type of physical defense.


Blade masters Class 


Blade masters are also human warriors, crossing their characteristics between a damage dealer and a tank character. They are a well-rounded class that any player can select, and blade masters use so many weapons to beat the enemies. This class is purely known for its excellent stunning skills, and they are well-tank characters. Usually, the role of a team on Blade masters is dedicated to a damage dealer, and they are effectively utilizing their melee weapons. Some weapons may show higher skills better than on several occasions.


Untamed Race 


The race untamed is evolving from the animals, and they have abilities to think. There are three classes for this untamed race, and usually, they have a variety of forms to come into the game. But these all untamed ones are cultivating through celestial essences, and they do this until they become so humanoid. There is one thing that makes this race is so specialized that they all are gender-specific.


They have the skills of shapeshifting into animals and, by untamed, increases their defense and unlock so many skills set with several variabilities.


The three classes belonging to this race are


Perfect World: Revolution Classes Guide July 2021


Barbarian Class 


Barbarians are the tank characters, and they are taking down the damages from their enemies, so other team members can freely deal with the damage without being attacked. Barbarians must keep in front of a party because they have a high probability of dying if this class is not at the front. These are more than those punching, and this class holds the highest brute force with HP in the game. You can use this class as the best one In the PVP of the game.


Vulpine Class 


Vulpine class is not a usual one you will see as other classes because they hold the most unusual abilities. They are taming the animals, and most of the time s they will perform shapeshifting. Vulpines can turn themselves into pets.


Assassin Class 


Assassins are melee combatants who have the highest skills in the game as a melee, and they are daggers. They will choose their weapons as per their choice and dealing more damage than other classes in Perfect World Revolution. We can identify this class as a terrifying addition to any battle due to their vitality and stealing abilities for the damage.


This class is so specialized on the close-ranged high damaging, and as melee attackers, they got the most incredible vision in the game. They skew and control all the enemies and will be greatly useful on the PVP of the game.


Winged Elf Race 


This race was invented for beauty, symbolizing, and they are pure and graceful; this is a race with the kindest hearts and helping anyone they need the help. In this game, Winged Elfs are the most peaceful living beings who environmental factors have surrounded. They hold two classes swath them as follows.


Perfect World: Revolution Classes Guide July 2021


Cleric Class 


Clerics are the primary healers, and they are both hated and loved. They prioritize their job over anything, and if a player takes them to use with skills, they will hold a great place within any party, making friends with anyone more accessible. They are more than a support, and clerics can also attack, party buff attack, and even turned up to be an offensive force as well.


Archer Class 


These are the physical damage dealers, and they stand in the background to deal more damage as soon as they can to enemies. They are dealing with the physical damage but also giving magic damage. So Archers are a flexible class as a damage dealer, and they will always provide an answer on the defense of enemies.


Best class in Perfect World Revolution 


As there are seven classes here, all of them deal with a specific role in the game, and they all have a dedicated role to play in the game. But still, some of the classes may perform better than others. So we have listed each of the seven classes according to priority levels as follows.


Blade Masters 


This is the only melee class you will see on Perfect World Revolution, and they are so much power to the gameplay. So Blade masters are the number one best class to the game. They are so fluent in destroying enemies with a closed range, and their dexterity allows them to evade fatal attacks with Blade Masters. This class is quickly switching between the hammer/axe and spear, and both will have different skills axe or the hammer will be sued for controlling the game while the spear dedicated to performing harm.


The most positive features they have are


  • Highest physical defense and the HP


  • Having so much stat builds based on Dexterity and Strength


  • Using several weapons for fighting and have the most outstanding choice for skills


  • Suitable for AOE and stun skills


  • Grinding multiple mobs at a one time


  • A strongest AOE damage dealer who is increasing the debuff



Perfect World: Revolution Classes Guide July 2021




These are the tanks that are missioned o staying at the battlefront, and they will protect the allies. Barbarians are taunting the opponents and are diverting the assaults from their teammates. They do this while having different damage reduction abilities, which makes this class a team backbone. Barbarians are so much capable of drawing aggression and hatred from the team to protect their won allies. The reason for having a second place on this list is


  • Highest HP
  • Highest Physical defense
  • Great skills on AOE
  • Excellent movement speed to the game


Perfect World: Revolution Classes Guide July 2021




Archers are dynamic characters, and they are delivering lots of damages to their enemies, especially when it is a single ranger. They are ranged damage providers, and players must keep a note of their position within dungeon battles. If they have positioned correctly on those battles, they will have an effective contribution to their squad. What makes them good are


  • Highest critical percentage
  • Highest accuracy
  • Highest evasion
  • Dealing with magical and physical damage
  • Ranged attacking
  • Dealing closed damage without penalties
  • Fastest moving speed


Perfect World: Revolution Classes Guide July 2021




Archers are deft, and they are known to be the cunning characters in the game. They will sneak on their targets before having a bizarre damage blast with win daggers and the skewering. They are controlling their opponents and have the following traits to the game.


  • Have an excellent hitting chance
  • Quickest stealth skills
  • Fastest attacks
  • Best for one to one PVP
  • Highest DPS on a single target
  • Dodging damage and dodging stats defense skills


Perfect World: Revolution Classes Guide July 2021




Wizards will be the specialist for fire, water, and the earth. They are expertise in striking adversaries within a distance, but this class has a low HP. So no matter you are choosing them for your squad or not, players have to be very cautious with having gameplay with them. This class is a primary DPS and will deliver so much harm. They are skillful in using several elements to striking down their enemies.


  • Having their own healing skills
  • Leveling up fast
  • Highest AOE skills
  • Highest magic defense


Perfect World: Revolution Classes Guide July 2021




These class ones are the shapeshifters to the game, and they possess distinct personalities. They can tame and turn any type of creature into an ally. The most extraordinary feature they got is that they are so skilled in putting up the debuffs on their opponents. Vulpine is assisting the team to deal with damage and also to be survived. This class is shifting both with the forms of human and bestial, and each of them will hold respective abilities and advantages.


Perfect World: Revolution Classes Guide July 2021




Clerics are taking 7th place on this best list, and they are helping their other allies. We can identify them as a great squad healer and casters who performs the buff. But remember that these require so much more security than other classes because they will be motion machines of perpetual in a team. This is only an option for healing and to have debuffs on them. They are protecting the team while increasing their own firepower by unleashing powerful magic on opponents. But you still need a high guard.


Perfect World: Revolution Classes Guide July 2021


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Perfect World: Revolution Classes Guide July 2021




So this is our guide for the classes on Perfect World Revolution and its player’s task to choose the more suitable gameplay ones. After all, our highest recommendation goes to pick blade masters but know that each class will be worthy in their own way. So refer to this guide and make your best choice on what to choose.

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