Nikke: Goddess Of Victory Game Review & Gacha Rates


After a long time of being announced and a lot of Closed Beta testing, finally Nikke: Goddess Of Victory is being released globally! The best thing about Nikke is for sure the particular Point of View of your characters during the battle with great “Eye Candy”. In Nikke, you are a newly graduated Commander, and your role is to lead a squad of “Nikke”, some special half-human female units who can carry a different arsenal of weapons in battle against enemies Robots, called Tyrant, Raptors etc. With the help of your Nikke, you will fight your way to victory. The game has a hilarious cutscene, lovely Anime Graphic and fully voiced Characters! If you like Idle/Shooting games with easy gameplay and cute girls, you should play Nikke!





What is Nikke: Goddess Of Victory?

Nikke: Goddess of Victory is a hybrid Gacha Idle Game / 3rd Person Shooter. You will play with a squad of 5 Nikke, everyone with different Elements (Fire, Wind, Iron, Electric and Water), roles (Attacker, Defender and Support) and class (SG, SMG, AR, MG, SR, RL). There’s different content you can complete in Nikke, such as Main Story, Simulation Data Center, Interception, Tribe Tower and also Outpost to build up for collecting materials, increase your friendship with your Nikke and unlock more content for the game. If you like collecting a lot of different female characters, nice graphics with good Voice Acting, Nikke is the game for you!


Early Game Content

Main Campaign

Main Campaign


The “Main Campaign” is the first content you unlock in Nikke, and the most important. During the Main Campaign, you will explore different locations, and you will move your squad on the map. During the Main Campaign you can find a random spot with a magnifier icon, if you press it you can unlock special rewards. Completing Main Campaign stages rewards you with Credit (game money), Battle Data Set (Nikke Exp Items) and sometimes Core Dust (Necessary for Nikke Leveling) and piece of Equipment for your characters  etc. Once you complete a Chapter, you will unlock the next one and also the Hard Mode later on. Before entering a new Stage on Main Campaign, you should check the requirements:


Stage Element Advantage

  • In the Right-Up part of the stage selection, you will see the Weak Point of enemies. Picking Nikke with this Element let you deal more damage to your enemies


Effective Range of Weapons

  • Similar to Element, picking up Nikke with Effective Range of Weapons advantage let you fight enemies more easy, increasing your damage


According to the info of every stage, you can change your squad member and increase the efficiency of your squad during battles.


Simulation Room

Simulation Room


The “Simulation Room” is the first side content you unlock in Nikke. This game mode lets you challenge a “simulated” zone of monsters where your squad can’t recover HP between each fight. At the start of each Simulation Room you must select a difficulty (from 1 to 5, based on your Main Campaign Progress) and a sector (A B or C). Each sector in the Simulation Room consists of many stages. For each stage you must select an event. Different event can happen in Simulation Room, some of those includes:


  • Battle = Fight enemies for complete the stage (Normal, Hard and Boss) and obtain Buffs


  • Commanding Ability Test = Choose different effect that modify your squad and the buff you obtain


  • ICU = You can recovery HP or Resurrect fallen Nikke


After clearing a sector you can choose to claim your rewards or move to the next sector. Another important aspect of Simulation Room is the Buff and Buff Chain. Everytime you complete a battle you can choose a buff for your Squad, and choosing the same kind of buff starts a Chain Buff Reaction. The more buffs of the same chain you get, the better the power of those buffs (from 3 buff to 8 buff chain of the same type). The Simulation Room reset daily so remember to clear it everyday to improve your Nikke Combat Power.





The “Interception” is a side content in Nikke for collecting new Equipment and Equipment improving items. The reward is based on how much damage you can inflict to the boss monster, and you can enter this game mode a maximum of 3 times x day. There’s 2 different Interception

Common Individual Interception (Level D, Level S)

  • They have a fixed boss, all Nikke can participate and it’s open everyday


Special Individual Interception 

  • Changing boss Type and Nikke will be adjusted to a certain level


Tribe Tower

Tribe Tower


The “Tribe Tower” is a side content in Nikke that rewards you with Gem, Credit, Core Dust etc. The Tribe Tower consists of several levels. The higher the level, the stronger the enemies. Tribe Tower is always open and all Nikke can participate. Complete floor everytime you can for unlocking more rewards!


Characters & Battle Guide


Characters & Battle Guide


Every Character in Nikke can be leveled up to a maximum level of 200 (for SSR) and 160 (for SR) while R grade can only reach level 80. For increasing your character max level you need Dupes. Every Character in Nikke has a different Element, Role and Class. Let’s analyze every Nikke aspect and how to improve your characters performance during battle:



  • Fire : Fire element deal 10% Additional damage to Wind

  • Wind : Wind element deal 10% Additional damage to Iron

  • Iron : Iron element deal 10% Additional damage to Electric

  • Electric : Electric element deal 10% Additional damage to Water

  • Water : Water element deal 10% Additional damage to Fire



  • Attacker : Offensive Nikke that can deal great damage to enemies

  • Defender : Defensive Nikke that have high HP and Defence and can provide squad with Shield and lower damage income

  • Supporter : Supportive Nikke that can increase the squad power with Buff, Debuff and Heals



  • SG = The Shotgun is a Short Range Weapon with great close range Area of effect damage

  • SMG = The SubMachine Gun is a Short Range Weapon with Extremely rapid fire but very low range

  • AR = The Assault Rifle is a Mid Range Weapon with Well-Balanced power suitable in all kinds of situations

  • MG = The Machine Gun is a Mid Range Weapon with rapid fire power perfect for dealing with massive waves of enemies

  • SR = The Sniper Rifle is a Long Range Weapon with great accuracy, perfect for eliminate distant enemies and destroy specific enemy parts

  • RL = The Rocket Launcher is a Long Range Weapon that deal Massive Area Of Effect damage, perfect for attacking group of enemies


Burst Type

  • Every Nikke has a Burst Type (Burst I, Burst II, Burst III). During the battle, it’s better to deploy at least 1 Nikke for every Burst Type. At the start of Battle only Burst Type I Nikke can use their Burst Skill, starting the Burst Mode. If Both Burst II and Burst III unleashed their skill after the burst chain has started, your party will enter Burst Mode, increasing damage to your squad.


Level Up

  • Your Nikke can only level up with spending Credits and Battle Data Set. After reaching level 20, 40 etc, you also must use Core Dust for unlocking further level


Limit Break

  • SSR and SR Nikke can Limit Break for reaching Maximum Higher Level (SSR 200 and SR 160). For Limit Break your Nikke, you need Dupes (2 Dupes for SR and 3 for SSR)



  • Every Nikke can be equipped with different Gears. Depending on your Nikke Role, you can equip different pieces


Skill Enhance

  • Your Nikke Skill can be enhanced to increase their Power. Increasing normal skill require Skill Manual, increasing Burst Skill require Burst Manual


Battle Guide

Battle Guide


During every battle of Nikke, you can choose which Nikke to control. All other Nikke will play on their own and unleash attacks. During battle you can:


Auto Battle + Auto Burst

  • You can select both Auto Battle (First Aim icon on the Upper-Right part of the screen) and Auto Burst (Second Aim Icon) in some Battle, letting your Nikke’s to play on their own with a very good AI that also changes the Nikke based on the enemy. You can still aim Manual if you want during Auto Battle and press on your character for activate/deactivate the Defense Mode (All Nikke take cover reducing damage received)


Pause & Menu

  • If you press the Pause Button (Left-Up Corner) you can check the status of your Nikke, Retry the stage, Quit the stage or change any Setting on your game


Gacha Rates

New Commander Special Recruitment 


The “New Commander Special Recruitment” is the first banner available on Nikke. This banner is a One-Time Only banner, and you can only use 2000 PAID Gems (discounted from 3000) for it. This banner will give you a guaranteed random SSR Nikke. Here’s the rates:



  • SSR Nikke = 4%

  • SR Nikke = 43%

  • R Nikke = 53%



  • Guaranteed Random SSR Nikke


Ordinary Recruit

Ordinary Recruit


The “Ordinary Recruit” in Nikke is the Normal banner available on from the start. In this banner you can summon with Free Currency, 300 for a single Pull and 3000 for a multi. This banner will give you a guaranteed random SSR Nikke. Here’s the rates:



  • SSR Nikke = 4%

  • SR Nikke = 43%

  • R Nikke = 53%



  • None



  • Everytime you summon a character in this banner, you will obtain 1 Silver Mileage Ticket. Once you reach 200 Ticket, you can exchange them in the shop for an SSR character Token (dupe currency)


Revise Wishlist

  • After doing 40 summons, you will unlock the “Revise Wishlist”. In this list you can choose 5 Character x factions and increase the probability of getting them during your pulls


Social Point Recruit

Social Point Recruit


The “Social Point Recruit” is a friendship banner where you can summon ONLY with Social points obtainable from friends in the game. You can obtain even SSR Nikke in this banner, but with a reduced rate (from 4% to 2%). Here’s the rates:



  • SSR Nikke = 2%

  • SR Nikke = 43%

  • R Nikke = 55%



  • None


Should I Play It? Pro & Cons


  • Nice Anime Graphic with lot of Eye Candy

  • Anime Cutscenes

  • Good Music 

  • Fully Voiced Characters (Jap too!)

  • No Stamina 

  • A lot of free pulls on release!



  • Need dupes for reach max level of SR and SSR Characters

  • More of a Side Game

  • There’s Paid Gems Banner only

  • Shop Prices are very high (like 40$ for x10 pull)

  • No Real Pity for Characters





Despite Nikke being a Portrait game, with LDPlayer you can use the “Force Landscape Mode'' feature and enjoy Nikke in widescreen! Follow this Guide for the best settings! This way you can see all your Nikke’s in the battleground together, see where all your enemies are coming from, and enjoy the game at fantastic HD Graphic, 120 FPS while ignoring any Battery consumption problem or FPS Drop you can have on your Phone! Download now LDPlayer and play Nikke in the best way!