Millennium Tour Elf Beginner Guide, Tips and Tricks – Adventure Starts Here


Millennium Tour players,  this is the right time to embark on an enchanting journey in the world of Millennium Tour Elf, the latest anime RPG sensation that captivates with its mix of magic, adventure, and strategy. Here, you will step into a beautifully crafted universe where elves and mystical beings abound, and mastering the game's mechanics is essential for your success. So, it doesn't matter if you are a seasoned gamer or new to the realm of gacha games; understanding the unique elements of this gameplay will enhance your gaming experience and prepare you for the exciting challenges ahead, and that is why you need guidance. 

Millennium Tour Elf Beginner Guide

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So, here is our beginner guide, along with the tips crafted to give you a strategic edge in the richly detailed world of Millennium Tour Elf. With essential tips on managing star traces, leveraging elemental advantages, and making the most of the gacha system, we are here to help you equip yourself with all the knowledge you need for a successful adventure. Follow these guidelines closely, and you'll find yourself progressing through the game with confidence and skill, ready to unlock all the secrets and powers that await. Play Millennium Tour Elf on PC with LDPlayer 9, and let's get started. 

Know Your Star Traces

As a first-time player of the Millennium Tour Elf, you need to understand that the star traces in this game will be featured with different skills, and their skills will also not be at the same level. Every one of them has active skills, instant skills, and passive skills for battles, and among them, both active and instant skills will be featured with a cool-down period. This means that once you have used these skills, you will have to wait for specific time before using them again. 

Know Your Star Traces

Every active skill of the star traces will have weak data as well, and they will be represented by a letter level. If this data level is high, the letter level will also be higher here, so it is better if you focus more on the high letter levels, as they usually are going to be the most powerful.

Do Your Mini Games and Daily Tasks

Although there are much easier ways to get resources in the Millennium Tour Elf game, we still recommend all the new players to go through their daily tasks as well as to follow up with the mini-games because they bring you a handful of resources that will eventually go to help you do better with your gameplay. 

Do Your Mini Games and Daily Tasks

There will be mini-games like dice rolling here, and the daily tasks will be updated every day. You can do all the sets of daily tasks within a day before they reset, so it brings you more items and necessary resources to the gameplay before the day ends. Since this is a free chance, it will not be better to ignore your opportunity here. 

Use the Elemental Advantage to the Best

For a newbie who has just started playing the Millennium Tour Elf game, we recommend to you all to take the best advantage of the elements. When you start the witch battles in this game, there will be several circles around your enemies, and these are represented by different colors, too. These colors represent their elements, and you can now take the best advantage of them to win the battles. 

Use the Elemental Advantage to the Best

All you have to do here is to pay attention to the background color of enemies, the traces as well, and the damage numbers on them. If we talk about the colors separately, gold means there is an advantage to be taken for the battles, while white means a neutral effect. And if it is blue, please note that it is only going to come up with a disadvantage. So, make sure to utilize these accordingly, and please note that the star traces for your god's son class will be very unique here. So, it literally means that they have the ability to take advantage of all of the classes available in this game. 

Millennium Tour Elf Gacha System

There will be three types of banners available in this game at this moment, and the first banner here will provide you with a 5-star trace, which means a most powerful star trace to your hands within your first ten pulls. And there is also a guarantee to bring you a 5-star here with your 40th pull as well. 

Millennium Tour Elf Gacha System

But remember the characters that you will obtain from the first banner can also be obtained by having daily logins to the game as a reward. You can have them by doing exchanges from the shop using some green crystals. So, since you have an easier way to obtain a better character just by logging into the game, we recommend you focus more on the second and third banners because those will be more worthy of your time here than the first banner. 

The characters you will earn from the 2nd and 3rd banners will bring better debuffs as well as buff skills to your hands from the DPS role, and you will even be able to pass through your early stages without any challenge here. So, don't stop yourself from the first banner. Instead, it will always be better to stop at 2nd and 3rd.

If you have already earned a five-star character to continue with the Millennium Tour Elf gameplay now, you can go on with it to challenge to the best, but if not, try rerolling more by resetting your game. Don't try to do the same resetting over and over when you don't own a character as you wish, use LDPlayer 9 for it. Use its Multi-Instance Sync feature and then create clones for the game. All those clones will be used to do rerolls at once so you will have a higher chance of earning a five-star to the best. 


So, with that, we conclude our beginner tips guide here, and the more you dive into the vibrant world of Millennium Tour Elf, remember that your journey is going to be more shaped by the choices you make—each star trace managed, each elemental advantage utilized, and each gacha pull strategized. This guide will be your companion, providing you with the knowledge to make informed decisions and enhance your gameplay experience. Keep these tips in mind, engage with the game's community, and most importantly, enjoy the magical adventure that this game offers. With persistence and strategy, you're sure to become a master of this enchanting world.

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