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LDPlayer 3.49 Release Notes

Last Updated:  2019-01-29

1. Newly added an option of locking landscape, widening the view in some portrait types of games.


2. Fixed an issue of time zone.


3. Newly added a mode of 'small' video in Video Recorder function. The size of files from the recorder is smaller, conveniently sharing in groups.


4. Perfectly fixed minor issues of the input language such as Vietnamese, Portugeese, Turkish.


5. Fixed the incompatibility prompt in The Day After Tomorrow (for AMD CPU).


6. Optimized the view change in The Day After Tomorrow, making it smooth and tactile; fixed the blurry screen for film graphics (for Intel integrated card).


7. Optimized and matched Cyber Hunter, making it smoother; fixed a crash (for AMD graphics card).


8. Improved Operation Record. The script that is recorded can be read by other instances in Multi-player in real time.


9. Optimized the logic of installing LDPlayer, speeding up the installation process.


10. Fixed an issue of repeatedly inputting '5' via the keypad.


11. Newly added an option of audio output device settings.

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