Ezetta Prophecy - Beginner's Guide to the World of Ezetta with Best Tips


Ezetta Prophecy is a real-time strategy game that is currently calling for pre-registration. This game lets you go on an adventurous journey battling against different enemies and exploring various dungeons filled with treasure chests. To achieve the best progression in all these elements in the gameplay, you should know about the game well with some of the best tips. So let this beginner guide teach you what you need to know to conquer this work of Ezetta with the top tricks and strategies. 

Ezetta Prophecy - Beginner's Guide

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The Ezetta Prophecy release date is not yet revealed. Though the Ezetta Prophecy release date is unavailable, you should look for the best tips, as it will release soon anyway. So this beginner guide with the best tips will be your ultimate guide to take you to the top victories in the world of Ezetta. Once you read this beginner guide, your gameplay will be smooth and filled with victories. 

Unique heroes with the top skills are there for you to recruit, and once you recruit the top ones, you can have perfect explorations with no failures at all. All that matters in this game is the heroes you use. Since you are a beginner, you can complete the daily and weekly tasks to learn more about the game and accomplish greater achievements quickly. Besides these tips, more are mentioned below in this guide. So read this guide now and have a top-tier Ezetta Prophecy on PC gameplay with LDPlayer 9 after the Ezetta Prophecy release date is announced. 

Real-Time Strategy Battles

Ezetta Prophecy is a game in which you need the top strategies to battle against enemies. As the play is a real-time strategy, you should prepare a deep tactical plan for your gameplay to be used at critical times. Talking about the battles, you have to face a certain number of enemy waves in one battle, and the battles are turn-based. 

Real-Time Strategy Battles

A movement bar is shown on the right side of the screen, and you can see the portraits of all the units there. According to the order of the units in the movement bar, they will attack each other. The characters will attack the enemies automatically when they get their turn, and you will contribute to the battles by unleashing their skills. The heroes you assign for the battles have skills, and these skills need certain energy points to activate them. During the battles, the energy points needed to activate skills will slowly accumulate over time. 

Once the energy points are full, you can tap on the hero's portrait at the bottom of the screen to release the skill. Releasing skills will consume energy points, and if you want to activate those skills again, you have to wait until the consumed energy points recover. When unleashing the skills, you can select the enemy target that you want to release the skill upon. 

If this seems boring with the touch system, you can start playing this game on your PC with LDPlayer 9 after revealing the Ezetta Prophecy release date. After the Ezetta Prophecy download with LDPlayer 9 to your PC, you can use the Keyboard Mapping feature, one of the best features in this game. With that feature, you can set key shortcuts to activate the skills of your heroes automatically without touching the heroes' avatars. 

See What is Inside of Chests

See What is Inside of Chests

The chests are everywhere when you go through adventures; once you see them, you should take what is inside them. The chests are filled with the best rewards and treasure items. Since these chests provide you with the best items, you should not neglect them because if you miss them, you will miss a greater opportunity to get the best resources for your gameplay. So, when you see chests, just go to them and tap on the Hand icon shown above the chest. Then you will get what is inside of the chests. 

Dungeon Explorations

Dungeon Explorations

If you are bored playing the same games with the same set of features, then you will not get disappointed by this Ezetta Prophecy game, as this gives you a chance to explore dungeons. Many explorations are there that let you battle against furious enemies, find treasures, and also you can do much more things. Here you have to control your character to explore these dungeons. Though it is challenging, it is full of opportunities for you. So, never stop exploring dungeons and give yourself a good challenge. 

Join Guilds and Challenge Bosses

Guilds are another awesome feature in this game, and these guilds let you gather with players worldwide and challenge bosses. When you achieve a certain player level, you can join a guild, which is a wonderful opportunity for you to learn about the players worldwide. Once you join a guild, you can challenge the bosses with your guild friends for top-level rewards. 

Summon the Strongest Ones for Your Gameplay

The summoning system is one of the major elements in this game, and with this summoning system, you can pull out the heroes using the required summoning currencies. Since the game is not yet released, the summoning banners provide only a limited number of units, but when the game is released, we hope more heroes will be added to the game for a better variation of play styles. In the game, you have the Wandering Gate banner to summon heroes. 

This banner has guaranteed an epic hero within the ten hero summons and a legendary hero within eight hero summons. So you can summon more heroes and get the top-tier heroes. Besides the heroes, you can get weapons too through this summoning banner making this a mixed gacha system. Let us see the rates for each hero tier you can pull out from this gacha summoning banner. 

  • Legendary heroes and weapons - 2.5%

  • Epic heroes and weapons - 20.0%

  • Rare weapons - 77.5%

Since it is hard to get the top-tier heroes and weapons, which are legendaries, through this banner, we suggest you start playing the Ezetta Prophecy game with LDPlayer 9. Besides the Keyboard Mapping feature, it has the Multi-Instance Sync feature, which can be used to get multiple instances to play this Ezetta Prophecy game. With all these instances, you can start rerolling and have the best heroes for your gameplay in a little time without waiting so long. 

Enhance Your Heroes

Enhancing your heroes is one of the best tips for your gameplay after the Ezetta Prophecy download. Every hero has a certain set of attributes, and when you enhance your heroes, you can increase the heroes’ attributes well, making them very powerful. 

Enhance Your Heroes

One of the best methods to enhance your heroes is, equipping the best gear pieces for your heroes. Equipping the best gear pieces for the heroes you have is one of the best tips you can use after the Ezetta Prophecy download. Doing so gives your heroes specific extra attributes that make them even more powerful. So if you want to power up your heroes, you should know to equip them with the best gear. 

And also, you can upgrade the level of your heroes using the EXP potions gathered through various means in this game. You can increase the level of the heroes when you consume enough EXP potions. So make sure to level up and make your heroes powerful. 

Talent Tree of Heroes

Talent Tree of Heroes

Every hero has a talent tree full of talents, and you can let your heroes learn all these talents by spending the necessary resources. These talents are like buffs that increase your heroes' attributes, such as the attack, the HP, and Defense, etc.; therefore, once you get enough resources, you should unlock the talent tree and its talents while letting the heroes learn these talents. 

As these talents act like buffs giving you extra attributes for your heroes, you should grow up the talent tree of the heroes unlocking more talents. This is another way to power up your heroes. 

Daily Tasks and Weekly Tasks

The daily tasks are a set of tasks that you should do in this game every day, and as they are called daily tasks, these tasks are only valid for twenty hours. After the due time, these daily tasks will be refreshed whether you complete them. Every daily task gives you a set of rewards, and you can claim them when you complete them. 

Daily Tasks and Weekly Tasks

And then, there are weekly tasks that you can complete to earn more rewards, and these rewards are much more valuable and better than the rewards you take from the daily tasks. The weekly tasks are tougher than the daily tasks but don't worry because you have one week to complete these weekly tasks, as these tasks will refresh after one week. These tasks are like your friend in this game because these tasks help you let you know what to do next in this game after the Ezetta Prophecy download

Raid Bosses for Loot 

When you go to the world map, you can go on raids, and these raids let you get the top rewards or loot by defeating the enemy bosses. The enemy bosses are very powerful, but with the top hero squad you have, you can easily defeat them. The raids have different difficulty levels that you can enter. Here you will start raiding from difficulty level one, and once you defeat the boss in difficulty level one, you can go on raids in difficulty level two. 

Raid Bosses for Loot 

Defeating these bosses in all the difficulty levels will help you loot more valuable rewards. And the rewards you can get from defeating these bosses will be higher when you go to higher difficulty levels. So choosing the top hero squad, you can go on raids to get more loot. 


This is what the game looks like in the beta version of the game, and when the game is released for you officially, things can be subject to change. But until then, these are the top things you should know about this game as a beginner player. While learning these things, you should focus on knowing the Ezetta Prophecy codes, which give you free rewards. Once you combine the best tips with the Ezetta Prophecy codes, you can earn more progression with the top rewards.

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