11 Best Free Manhwa Apps to Read Your Favorite Comics in 2023


Webtoons are something that is most loved by many, and most of the time, fans of these comics are searching through the web to find a source to read them for free. Browsing through the internet and various websites is okay unless you have to deal with those infinite pop-up ads. These are the basic ways of leading you into malicious sites, so if you have some of the best free Manhwa apps by your side, there is no longer a risk of dealing with these kinds of issues.

Best Free Manhwa Apps

So, if you want to search for the hottest Manhwa for free and want them to read within the best surface like Mangago does, we have brought you 11 different Manhwa apps today. Each of these is designed for your love of Manhwa, so if you need a better space than surfing through the internet to read your favorites, let us bring you the best solutions today in 2023 with 11 different free Manhwa apps..


WEBTOON is a treasure trove for manhwa lovers, offering an unparalleled digital experience as one of the best free Manhwa apps. This app is known to be the world's largest webcomics community, where you can dive into a vast ocean of stories across 23 genres, including romance, action, comedy, horror, and fantasy. There will be a collection of epic sagas, short stories, manga, or daily comic strips on WEBTOON, so we all have something to enjoy there.


The app features the most rated and hit blockbusters from an international level like "Sweet Home", "Tower of God '' and many more and all these have been inspired to direct the global hoits for streaming as well as for the major TV. It's not just about famous titles; WEBTOON has a new CANVAS section as well and it is the place for the creators where creators allow them to self-publish their series to a vibrant, diverse audience. With WEBTOON, you're not just reading stories but joining a community of over 72 million readers worldwide. The ability to connect with a global community makes it a must-have for manhwa readers, so try running WEBTOON on PC with LDPlayer 9 to get the most out of it.


Tachiyomi stands out as a versatile and user-friendly app among the best free Manhwa apps. It can transform your Android device into a comprehensive manga and comic book library, and with Tachiyomi, you gain access to a plethora of sources, including popular ones like Tapas, Webtoons, and Manta, ensuring you never miss out on your favorite titles or discover new gems.


What sets Tachiyomi apart is its extensive customization options. It offers over thirty settings to tailor your reading experience, from choosing your preferred reading orientation to selecting page-turning gestures and screen settings. Adding manga or comic books to your library is also a great feature that comes with Tachiyomi, and the app keeps you updated with notifications for new chapters. Its open-source nature and safety assurance add to its appeal, making it a top choice for manhwa readers, so running Tachiyomi on PC through LDPlayer 9 will give you the best out of it.

3. Lezhin Comics - Daily Releases

One of the best free Manhwa apps that gives a better and loving space for Manhwa lovers is the Lezhin Comics - Daily Releases, and it offers a unique and enriching reading experience with a collection for those who crave daily updates of their favorite webcomics. With Lezhin Comics, you get to indulge in a wide array of addictive Manhwa, available at your fingertips every day.

 Lezhin Comics - Daily Releases

The "365 Days Gift Box" is one of the best features that Lezhin Comics brings as one of the best free Manhwa apps, and it can provide a continuous stream of free coins and reward points, making your reading journey more enjoyable and rewarding. The app caters to your specific tastes with a preference setting feature, ensuring that you only see the genres you love. Moreover, Lezhin Comics enhances user engagement with daily sign-in events, offering gifts just for logging in and bigger rewards for regular readers. So it is not just about reading Manhwa as there are many features, and running Lezhin Comics – Daily Releases on PC is recommended through LDPlayer 9.


If you are comfortable with French but are still looking for one of the best free Manhwa apps, try Delitoon, which has an innovative and unique standout from all the other free Manhwa apps. This app stands out as a digital content service where readers can explore a wide range of webtoons tailored for easy and enjoyable reading on mobile devices. delitoon focuses on providing content primarily in French, making it a special niche for French-speaking audiences or those looking to practice their French through engaging stories. But still, there is a diverse selection of webtoons originating from South Korea, China, and sometimes France, providing a rich cultural tapestry for readers.


Although delitoon is considered one of the free Manhwa apps, you should note that it operates on a freemium model. As a reader, you can use free time tickets for initial chapters, but later chapters may require payment. Although that is the only downside that we don't like in this app, delitoon still brings a delightful blend of entertainment and language immersion, so try running delitoon on PC with LDPlayer 9.

5.Tapas – Comics and Novels

For those who are looking for the best Manhwa apps, Tapas is a must for your love as it brings a diverse library of comics, novels, and Manhwa to your hands. The stories here are brimming with vivid characters and captivating storylines, and with daily new releases and free episodes every three hours, Tapas makes sure that every reader is constantly engaged.

Tapas – Comics and Novels

The app connects over 10 million subscribers with talented artists and authors, fostering a supportive community. Its unique features, like the Wait-Until-Free system, allow access to top stories at no cost, enhancing the reading experience. Additionally, Tapas supports over 75,000 creators, providing a space for both established and independent artists to share their work. With its mix of genres and interactive elements like commenting and social engagement, Tapas is a must for every manhwa lover. So run Tapas on PC with LDPlayer 9 today.

6.Comic Cat

Here comes another app that can be called one of the top free Manhwa apps, offering an expansive and free collection of comics, manga, manhua, and anime toons. It is the Comic Cat, and this app stands out with its exclusive content, unavailable elsewhere, ensuring a unique reading experience. Daily updates of free comics keep the library fresh and engaging. Its user-friendly interface, with simple screen sliding for reading, makes it accessible to everyone, and the app's automatic pre-download feature for upcoming episodes ensures a smooth, uninterrupted reading journey.

Comic Cat

Comic Cat is more than just an app; it's a gateway to diverse worlds, from CEO's romantic escapades to time-travel adventures, offering a rich tapestry of stories. It's a must-have for those seeking a comprehensive and enjoyable manhwa reading experience. So running Comic Cat on PC through a bigger screen with LDPlayer 9 is recommended.

7. Tappytoon Comics & Novels

For both comic and novel lovers, there is Tappytoon Comics & Novels, which will stand as the best among the top free Manhwa apps offering rich, character-driven stories. As a trusted official source, it provides access to top-quality stories from leading creators, and the app features exclusive updates on popular action comics like "Solo Leveling" and fantasy comics such as "The Daughter of the Demon Lord."

Tappytoon Comics & Novels

Tappytoon ensures a diverse reading experience with its wide range of genres, including action, fantasy, comedy, romance, and BL/GL. There are also free chapters for exploration without registration, and upon signing up, you will receive exclusive offers as a user. Tappytoon keeps its library fresh with daily updates and offers a "Time Till Free" feature for unlocking free chapters. Tappytoon is an essential app for those who cherish compelling stories and artistic excellence in comics and novels, so running Tappytoon Comics & Novels on PC with LDPlayer 9 is a must.

8. TapRead - Novels & Comics

One of the best Manhwa apps that host an online platform for web novels is here as TapRead - Novels & Comics, and it makes sure to bring a superior reading experience for fans and creators alike. It's known as the world's most significant web novel community, featuring a wide range of genres, including action, romance, sci-fi, thriller, and fantasy.

TapRead - Novels & Comics

The fact that TapRead gives users the ability to rate their favorite novels makes the app a favorite among many Manhwa lovers, and with its diverse selection of both comics and novels, TapRead offers something extraordinary for every reader. You may have a love for intense action sequences or captivating romantic tales; this app has it all. It's perfect for those who love to read at their own pace, with a variety of tasks to earn coins and unlock new content, so use LDPlayer 9 to run TapRead on PC to get the best experience from a bigger screen.

9.INKR — Comics, Manga, Webtoons

INKR — Comics, Manga, Webtoons is the next game to our list of free Manhwa apps, and it will be your ultimate destination if you are in love with diverse comic genres, including Manhwa. This app has over 1,000 titles ranging from action to romance, comedy, horror, drama, and more, and its seamless exploration feature allows us to preview the first few pages of a chapter, making it easier to find stories that resonate with them.

INKR — Comics, Manga, Webtoons

The app's personalized recommendations are powered by AI, so that is why INKR has become a favorite and a top choice among many other Manhwa apps. This feature ensures that users always discover content tailored to their tastes. INKR's immersive viewer adapts to every type of comic, providing a seamless reading experience on any device. The app's easy organization and updates & notifications features will keep you engaged with your favorite comics. So, try taking a journey into storytelling by running INKR on PC today with LDPlayer 9.

10.   Manta: Comics & Graphic Novels

The next app is the Manta: Comics & Graphic Novels to our free Manhwa apps list. And it is a digital comic provider app that brings the fascinating world of stories, comics, manga, and Manhwa to your fingertips. As an official and legal comic provider, Manta offers a variety of genres, including romance, comedy, action, fantasy, Boys' Love (BL), and horror. So now you can immerse yourself in a universe filled with endless stories, stunning artwork, and boundless creativity.

Manta: Comics & Graphic Novels

Manta is known for its exclusive stories and original titles like "Under the Oak Tree," beloved by millions of readers. It also features romantic tales like "The Half of It," "Totem Realm," and "Golden Forest." For BL enthusiasts, titles like "Semantic Error" and "Dangerous Convenience Store" are available. This app stands out with its uninterrupted storytelling, offering exclusive stories and original titles that you can't find elsewhere. With daily updates, a vast library of comics, and a user-friendly comic book reader, Manta keeps you engaged with stories you can revisit every day, so join the fun by running Manta on PC with LDPlayer 9.

11.   BILIBILI COMICS - Manga Reader 

The last app to our list of Manhwa apps is the BILIBILI COMICS - Manga Reader and this is a well-known inclusive comics/manga/manhua/manhwa/cartoon community that offers a colorful and charming collection of comics, Manhwa, and manga. There is no disrupting no ads and you are not even asked to have a subscription model here for unlimited access, this app is the official, and you can solely rely on this place if you are a huge fan of Manhwa. The reason is that this app is trusted and well known by many. There will be the hit series to enjoy from the most well-known creators a trusted place to read hit exclusive series from top creators. So, both webtoon and webcomic along with Manhwa lovers, this will be an all in one reading app to be used at an online space.


There is a wide range of genres, including action, comedy hits, fantasy, teen, romance, mystery, harem, suspense, historical, eastern, action, adventure, and even horror here, and you can even get yourself to quickly reach the chapters whenever they have been released as soon as you can. As a user to this one of the best free Manhwa apps, you can dive into so many original anime comics as well and these are well translated by professionals to make it easier for the local users and to enjoy an absolutely amazing reading experience with beautifully crafted HD art. So, we recommend that you run BILIBILI COMICS on PC with LDPlayer 9 to enjoy the best out of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions related to Manhwa apps are as follows.

What apps to use to read manhwa?

You can use INKR, Manta Comics, Tappytoon, Tapas, and even the WEBTOON app to read your favorite Manhwa.

What app can I read Webtoons for free?

If you are looking for a free option to read your favorite Webtoons, try the WEBTOON app, as it brings the best to read with updated content to your hands.

How to read offline manhwa?

You need to rely on the the best Manhwa apps for this, and the recommended ones here are Manga Box, Crunchyroll, Manga Reader, and MangaZone, and there are more.

Where can I read all manhwa?

Try WEBTOON, as it comes with all types of Manhwa in different genres for free.


With that all, our list of best free Manhwa apps is going to end here, and for the love of Manhwa, you can use all these recommended apps today. Each and every one of them is guaranteed to give you a better user experience with rich stories, so try one of them to enjoy your love for Manhwa.

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