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Keyboard Mapping Guide for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

The blog will explain two customized key mapping modes for playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on LDPlayer emulator with keyboard and mouse.


How to play OVERHIT on PC

The long wait is finally over and OVERHIT Global has officially launched!


Free Fire for PC: 120 FPS Settings with LDPlayer 9

LDPlayer 9 has been released with smooth and fast performance to help free-fire players to have the best performance and more


How to play Eternal City on PC

Eternal City is a real-time battle RPG, with many heroes and different plot lines to help keep you engaged. This is guaranteed to bring you a unique and captivating experience!


How to play Aurora Legend on PC

Aurora was once a beautiful world, peaceful and prosperous, but somehow, somewhere, demons arrived and seized Aurora’s land, enslaving its people and plunging this beautiful world into chaos and darkness.


A solution to the problem that no story pops up in Era of Legends

Hi, we found that the story in main quest wouldn't pop up when Era of Legends was played on LDPlayer. That is, if you install Era of Legends on Play Store, it can't normally run.


How to play Laplace M on PC

Heart warming open world adventure mobile game, Laplace M, is now launched officially!


How to play 黒い砂漠 MOBILE on PC

Based on Black Desert Online, 黒い砂漠 MOBILE is a fantastic MMORPG mobile game developed by PEARL ABYSS.


Tips for playing PUBG MOBILE on LDPlayer

Hi, the following tips will make you play PUBG MOBILE easier.


How to play AxE Alliance vs Empire on PC

AxE Alliance vs Empire, an expansive massively multiplayer online role playing game, was headed to iPhone, iPad, and Android devices worldwide!