A Hide and Seek Competition With Cats Takes Place in "Play Together"!



Game company HAEGIN (CEO Young-il Lee) has announced that the Kitty Cat Hide and Seek Competition is being held in their casual mobile social game "Play Together."

NPC Purrsenio has started a special training program to help people participate in the Kitty Cat Hide and Seek Competition held in the Plaza area.

Players must follow the hide and seek champion's instructions by taking on quests such as hiding from others or finding hidden NPCs for a chance to acquire Kitty Cat Coins. The Kitty Cat Coins can be exchanged for a prize box and may include items such as the Take Me With You Kitty Cat Face, Perked-Up Kitty Ears Hair, and more.

Meanwhile, players have a chance to acquire additional Kitty Cat Coins by serving NPC Sanyantha dishes made using fish, and an attendance event has been prepared to give players a chance to acquire items such as the Kitty Cat Jelly Paw Balloon, the Kitty Cat Snack Backpack, and more for logging into the game.

But that's not all. Also included in this update are the cat-themed furniture, the Canned Tuna Hairband, the Mandarin Orange Hairband, and new crafting recipes at the Kaia Workshop.

For more information on the Kitty Cat Hide and Seek Competition in Kaia Island's Plaza area, please check the following official "Play Together" communities.

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