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The 3D rendering is decent, but the user experience is absolutely terrible. There is no way to adjust the sensitivity of the controls, so any little gesture sends the map spinning or flying to Brazil. There are too many functions controlled by finger movements (zoom, spin and elevation), so it doesn't do what you want half the time. Also, rendered objects like trees will stop you from going lower and when you hit them it sends you spinning again. I'm actually surprised at how bad this is.


Really good, just there's one bug and a few things I would like to point out. First of all, the bug. For some reason, when you try to make a shape around Antarctica, it makes a giant circle in the center. Another thing I would like to say is that when measuring, every time I try to move the screen while putting down points, the screen moves really weirdly. Sometimes it moves the opposite direction, other times it just moves all around. But overall, it's a really fun and useful app.


The app is amazing when it works. I use it all the time to find interesting photography locations whenever I'm traveling or setting out on a hike. Lately the app crashes constantly. This isn't the first time I've gone through a period of time when the app is completely useless. I have a new pixel 7 and the app shouldn't freeze and crash the way it does almost everytime I clock on a photo bubble. I've had it with Google Earth.

Explore the whole world from above with satellite imagery and 3D terrain of the entire globe and 3D buildings in hundreds of cities around the world. Zoom to your house or anywhere else then dive in for a 360° perspective with Street View. See the world from a new point of view with Voyager, a collection of guided tours from BBC Earth, NASA, National Geographic, and more. And now, visualize the immersive maps and stories you've created with Google Earth on web on your mobile device.
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