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Last Updated: 2022-11-04 Current Version: 1.16.50
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I've been playing this game for years. since the new year I havnt been able to load the game unless im on data, thats not how i want to play. I've tried many different devices I received the same error message of network connection lost. I've contacted support and did the troubleshooting techniques but all for nothing. I contacted them again no reponse it's been a few days. I still get notifications my base is being attacked and my resources depleted but I can't get in the game to fix it.


Hmm not good. Clearing the areas is inconvenient. You must remove the campaign style of clearing each building you must replace it with the instant cleaning feature where you can just send your troops to clear it then a pop up will appear whether is it successful or not. Also every rewards will be send through in-game mail to be easy for everyone to choose other targets. Also why not make it portrait instead of the landscape. When you landscape the internet became unstable. Please do this way.


I loved this game and played it whenever I got on my chromebook, even spent a few bucks on a game pack. Then there was an update and now I am having a bunch of issues. It lags like crazy and I can't even play any of the events that are happening or play in the wilderness without it shutting down. Then loading it again takes forever (if it even loads). I have no issues with my settlement, its just if I try to do anything else outside of it. Please fix this because I want to give it 5 stars!!

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State of Survival: Zombie War is a survival game developed by FunPlus International that comes with everything you expect to be included in a zombie war with perfect horror, fights, and terror. Your fight will be carried out against the zombies here, and you must be brave to continue throughout the game that FunPlus International has introduced.


State of Survival: Zombie War will be a new multiplayer gaming experience set in a new world, and it is also a shooting game. The zombies needed to be beaten, and survival had to be ensured with items that you had gathered. More than shooting, you will have to build up an army and survive the horror of war.


Rescue, Survive, Rebuild, and Research


Since there are survivors, you will have to build up a settlement on your own, and there are walking dead that you have to give all efforts to fight against; if you want to raise the strength for the fights, you can also rescue the survivors while surviving yourself. And there must be enough strategies built to see why the mutation happens and how you can stop the apocalypse.


As a player, you are also allowed to have partnerships with allies, and it is also possible to join armies. The best emulator: LDPlayer 9 is there to offer all the freedom to become successful in the terror world.


Kill the Zombies with the Perfect Shooting


Zombies don’t wait until you do your things. So it is a must to be quicker and accurate than them with an ideal shooting. For this, you are allowed to have your shooting perfectly with the LDPlayer 9 as it can adjust the Y sensitivity to give you a perfect aiming for the shooting.


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