Golf Clash

Last Updated: 2022-11-02 Current Version: 2.46.1
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It's a skill game with alot of pay to play, but the pay to play only helps with the skill or against high level opponents later on down the road. Its a chill atmosphere, great controls, great for a short play when ever or to relax for hours (as long as you don't lose all the time). It's competitive, but supportive at the same time. One of the better games I've played on a phone.


This game is full of bots, don't ever connect to your Facebook, if you no longer have Facebook, there's no way to keep you account and character. The wind is inconsistent from course to course, if you stay at one level, trying to upgrade the clubs, after so many games the algorithms play against you and you can't win on that level anymore.


Must have something, cos I keep going back to it. Real potential to be a great game is spoiled by developer tinkering and a grossly unfair algorithm for finding opponents. Way too many games lost before you play your 1st shot due to opponents vastly superior club levels. If you play well and get to the shoot out you have no chance unless opponent screws up

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Golf Clash by Electronic Arts is a gold game you can play in real time. It will be played in golf tournaments with 1v1 matches. This has a revolutionary system on it. All the players can easily get along with this shot system, but it will not be much easier to master since all the toughness comes with each match, and it will make you very hard to master through the game too.

Golf Clash is a real-time game that can be played as multiplayer gameplay, and there are so many courses you can take throughout the game that will happen against the players. You have to take part in the tournaments, and there are challenges that you can make for your friends to win. You have to sharpen your golf skills here if you really want to be the ultimate player for the Golf Clash.

PVP Gameplay with Challenges to Facebook Friends

In Golf Clash, you will be free to challenge your Facebook friends, and they can be taken up for the matches here. There are worldwide competitions in which you can play against real players, and if you manage to do them successfully, you will be rewarded with coins and trophies for new tours.

More progress will lead to having more unique clubs unlocked for the game, and you can upgrade your attributes through club cards. And for more soothing golf playing, use the best emulator: LDPlayer 9.

The Perfect Shot with Best Accuracy

If you are seeking a perfect shot from the Golf Clash, there is nowhere you need to look for; it is the LDPlayer 9. You can have the Golf Clash gameplay experience through a PC and have a perfect shot with the use of the Y sensitivity adjustments, and that can lead you to do better in your Golf Clash golf matches than ever. So enjoy the shot to the top and make it better gameplay as you expect.

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