Beat Craft

Last Updated: 2022-10-08

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Can't believe people comparing about it not working. Of course, you need a network connection for playing songs from YouTube live. And, of course, it heavily depends on the sound quality of the video you have how accurate the note placement is. Overall the app is quite nice and works great. Keep up the good work.


Better than literally any other rhythm game in existence.1.tracks:too many 2.difficulty setting is various p2w forced ads 5. easy to learn


Actually really fun. Literally countless songs, easy and simple to find the music I want, very adjustable settings, awesome. It does have a few flaws, like every now and then the game may lag for a second, causing me to miss a note or two, but it's not often enough to ruin the experience (for me it happens maybe every 1 in 20 songs on average). The only critique I can give, other than small bugs, is not being able to play music videos that are age restricted, I'm disappointed I can't do that.

It is really easy to use.
Search for music video you want to play using the search button.
You can enjoy a rhythm game with that video.

Features of BeatCraft
A music game with which you can now enjoy your favorite movies and music as you please!
BeatCraft the representative of music games that has been played by more than 10 million with which you can now play music game together with the music video!!!
Let's play rhythm games with music video and music stored in your mobile phone by simple operation!

■ Let's play all the music!!!
   music will become the game!!!
   Infinite movies that you can play and infinite fun!

■ Let's play songs that are in your smart phone!
    You can play songs which are stored in your smart phone.
    Notes are all the same. It's not funny now.
    Let's enjoy the same song differently with automatic generation of notes!

■ Let's save favorite notes after playing!
    You can save the notes which you like among those automatically generated.
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Recommended PC Configurations for Playing Beat Craft on PC

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How to Download and Install Beat Craft on PC

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