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Last Updated: 2021-11-23 Current Version: 1.0.4
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"Ancient Monster Wars" is a RPG based on the Chinese Eastern Fantasy myth "Mountains&Seas" as its creative background, restoring the mysterious monsters and classic stories in "Mountains&Seas".

Pangu opened the sky, chaos began to open, the world of mountains seas and northern wilderness was rampant. You are the lord of the mountains and seas in the northern barren land.

▶Magnificent Skin
Get special skins with super attribute buff by upgrading monsters, becoming the most dazzling presence on the battlefield.

▶Immersive Story
Experience the myths and legends such as “Houyi shooting the suns” and “The bird Jingwei trying to fill the sea”.

▶Real and Exciting Battle Scenes
Each battle has exquisite animations and gorgeous skill effects, and the immersive battle scenes bring a more realistic experience.

▶Fight against Ferocious Beasts
Wandering around ancient world, you can not only seal the beast, but also subdue Dragon and the auspicious beast Kirin.

▶Collect Various Monsters
You won't be alone on the adventure, lots of different types of Monsters with different identities and powerful combat power will fight alongside you.

Let's venture the world in search of adventure, become the strongest monster tamer, promote them to be the King of monsters and dominate the three realms.

[Ancient Monster Wars Global Group is recruiting]
Task 1: Join the official Facebook page:
Task 2: If you have any questions, please contact your secretary in the game.
Task 3: Privacy Policy

※ The app is free to download. There is some paid content available via in-app purchases.
※ Please pay attention to your gaming time and avoid addiction.
※ The content of this game involves violence (attacks and other bloody scenes), strong language, game characters wearing clothing of sexual characteristics.
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