Tales of Crestoria: Tips for Best Progression


Tales of Crestoria is one of the recently released epic anime role-playing game. The game features a dramatic storyline and new unique characters for players to experience.


Tales of Crestoria: Tips for Best Progression


In Tales of Crestoria, you will have to upgrade your characters' skills and strength to help Kanata and his fellow Transgressors. You can also complete quests, tasks, and story missions to understand the full story and help Kanata and his fellow Transgressors survive the harshness of Crestoria.


In this article, you will find the progressions tips for Tales of Crestoria.


Powerful Friends:


Powerful friends are beneficial for power up dungeons or raids because you will not have a full single element team early on. It is easier to clear harder power up dungeons by using strong support characters from your friends' list.


Related to that, you might want to turn off your friend's auto-approval request by going to the friends' list and then navigating to the pending tab. There will be a button on the upper right part of the screen called "Auto Approval." That button will be set to on by default; make sure to click on it to turn it off. What it does is it accept all friend request, and you end up with a lot of low players or players who have quit the game.


Having low-level players or players the same as your level won't help you at all. So, turn off auto approval to add powerful friends in your friends' list.


Combo Hitters:


The next tip is to include one or two characters (in your team) who are good at building up the hit counter. The hit counter is in the game for a reason; the more hits you perform, the stronger your damage becomes. Hit counter becomes essential when using characters with high attack stats and low hits. For example, Velvet and Stahn have high attack stats but produce a low amount of hits.


Tales of Crestoria: Tips for Best Progression


However, if you have Vicious and Yuri, who produce many hits, combine those with Velvet and Stahn. When you go up against strong enemies, you will use your high hit producing characters first so that your high attack characters can produce even more amazing damage.


Utilize Turn Order:


The next tip is to make sure to utilize your attack order to it's fullest potential. You might wonder what makes Tales of Crestoria stand out from other gacha games because you can gain many different tactics with just your turn order.


For example, characters with high overload cost mystic art could be used to deliver finishing blows to enemies. Since you will get awarded bonus overload points, which means you will be able to power up and activate your mystic arts way faster.


You can also hold off from executing mystic arts before a boss goes into break attack mode. At that point, you can unleash everything you got and deliver maximum damage. However, if you are all out of arts during combat, use basic attacks to produce the most hits first. That way, the stronger basic attacks will power up by the hit counter.


Farm Dungeons:


The next tip is to farm power-up dungeons whenever it's available. Progressing through the story mode is always a good idea, but your first priority should be growing your characters and memoria stones.


Each day three elemental power-up dungeons become available. So, it is in the best interest to keep an eye on those dungeons which correlate to your characters' element. Also, dedicate your time to gather their elemental XP potions.


Tales of Crestoria: Tips for Best Progression


You can farm the memoria stone dungeons, too, since most SSR and SR memoria stones provide really good raw stats.


Co-Op Raids:


The next tip is Co-Op raids. Make sure to participate in raids as early as possible. There is two energy system in the game AP and BP. AP is used for almost every activity in the game, including starting your raid, whereas BP is used to aid other player raids.


Every time your account's rank upgrade, you get a reward of 10 BP; you can only regenerate up to 10 BP. Anything over the limit needs to be spent before you can start regenerating BP. So, make sure to give your aid in as many raid battles as possible.


You will have a chance to earn books to increase your characters' art skill levels, and more importantly, you will gain other materials required to ascend your characters, which increases their max level.


Difference between starting your own raid or joining one:


You might be asking yourselves what the difference between staring your own raid or joining one? Every raid has a pool of rewards, and if you start a raid, you are guaranteed to draw from that pool at least once, but if you are joining the raid, you might not get those rewards. However, you will always obtain some silver medals, which you can exchange for SR memoria stones and other goodies in the exchange shop.


Tales of Crestoria: Tips for Best Progression


Bonus Tip:


Make sure you don't awaken your character by using their own memoria stones. If you awaken your character using memoria stones, then you will end up without the memoria stone. Memoria stones are the ones that give you passive bonuses and raw stats. As you might know, getting SSR memoria stone is super hard, and if you have SSR memoria stones, let's not waste them to awaken character.




You might be wondering how turning of auto-approval, adding combo hitters, and utilize your turn can help you progress faster. So, trust me when we say this: it's a long-term investment. Follow the tips to the letter, and you will have more wins. More wins are equal to more experience and, ultimately, faster progression.


In Tales of Crestoria, there's a vast amount of team building options available that determines what type of tactics you will be able to utilize during combat. So, make sure to get to know your team really well, but you all might know that in gacha games, it's not the strategy that wins most of the time it's just unlimited power.


These Tales of Crestoria tips will not only help you progress faster; it will also help you improve your gameplay style. We hope that you have learned some great tips for Tales of Crestoria today.