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Love this game. The art, the story, the soundtrack, really leave an impression. What I have to criticize are the bugs, was about to win against a very hard boss, but after the battle, my game froze and did not acknowledge the win. I tried it again, and the game already registered an attempt, thus no dialogue before the battle. Tried it several times and couldn't win again (although strength is more than enough). Tried to do a multiplayer battle instead, after 2 battles, game says server issue.


I really want to like this game, gave it a fair chance but at this point you have to ask yourself what character functions as intended, so many bugs, game runs really bad since last patch. Even tho I don't mind it much, the censoring is something negative as well and can understand that it's unacceptable for others. It's very VERY stingy and the monetization is god awful. The Music and Art is very cool tho,I like the combat as well. I dropped it and won't look back.


The Gotcha feels a little too pricey for me to feel comfortable with spending money on it. The fan service I came for is lacking. But the story is decent. The voice acting is good and gameplay is smooth. Sometimes I'll lose an engagement I'm over powered for and can't figure out why. But with team adjustments I eventually come out on top. The players list is too small and the ability to level up feels stunted even with the synchro system. I wanted to give this game a higher score.

Features of Playing GODDESS OF VICTORY NIKKE on PC


If you're looking for the best way to play GODDESS OF VICTORY NIKKE on PC, LDPlayer 9 is the recommended Android emulator that not only helps you enhance your gaming experience but offers you all the amazing features you've come to expect: 


  • Forcibly widerscreen landscape - LDPlayer's exclusive feature, provides you better gaming experience with a wider screen
  • High FPS - 120FPS lets you enjoy Live2D animations without experiencing any screen tearing or red patches on the screen. 
  • One-key macro and operation recorder - fast and easy to use
  • Multi-instances and synchronizer - helps you run multiple accounts at the same time
  • Screenshot and video recorder - always record your wonderful moments
  • Connect your gamepad - lets you play mobile games like playing console games


When will GODDESS OF VICTORY NIKKE be released?


According to the official announcement, the new game GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE is due for a Global launch on November 4th at 7:00 am (UTC+9).  Are you ready to fight with Nikkes? Download GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE on PC with LDPlayer now. 


GODDESS OF VICTORY NIKKE is a sci-fi game that is brought to you by Level Infinite, and this will emerge in a shooter game. There you are allowed to recruit some more maidens, and those are the ones that will follow your orders. The squad can be made out of beautiful anime girls, and they are not just cute girls. They are the ones who are more fluent in wielding their guns, and it is your time to command some more girls and collect them all within a team to have the best combo.


Cute Maidens with Different Personalities

Although you have several maidens to recruit to your team, don’t expect them to be the same because all of them are unique from their own. They all are the cure, but their personalities and traits are not going to be matched for one another because they have very different traits. These are the Nikkes who have a unique approach to the battles.

Every Nikke is specialized to use one weapon from the game, and that makes them more potent than one another. So a team must be created by referring to all these facts from the Nikkes, and combining them together can make you a more powerful team than ever. The best emulator: LDPlayer 9, is going to save you for the game with superior optimizations added to the game to ease your combat.


Post-Apocalyptic World with Unique Tactics

You don’t get a normal word in GODDESS OF VICTORY NIKKE because it is the post-apocalyptic world with a thrilling story. The battle system here will be a brand new one, and there are so many skills as well as weapons that you can choose to take down all the invaders in GODDESS OF VICTORY NIKKE.

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