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Character Revealed: Sotheby - Initial Impressions


Sotheby is a 6* Rarity Arcanist of the Plant Afflatus that specializes in inflicting the enemies with Genesis damage by debuffing them with the [Poison] Status all the while maintaining the team’s survivability by granting them the [Cure] Special Status and heal the entire team with her skills and ultimate.

A rich young lady who, despite her vast knowledge, lacks common sense.

She's keen on using Arcanum theory to understand products of modern civilization.

"I just bought a rare and strong bicorn ... A bull?"


Character Backstory

Era: The Early 20th Century

Date Of Birth: 15th Of April, In Spring

THE INFAMOUS APOTHECARY: What business owner would turn down a customer who offers to pay more? The Material Store has always welcomed she who sweeps the stock clean. But not without exceptions-the boss had to look sideways to avoid the expectant eyes when she placed before him the appetite potions made with gold, evil dragon scales, and unicorn mane.


NOMENCLATURE: Growing up among Arcanists, Sotheby often found it difficult to distinguish between ordinary animals and the products of modern civilization: Twin Horned Sacred Beasts, Auto Island, Dragon's Breath Candlesticks... Please don't be alarmed, these names actually just refer to ordinary goats, boats, and gas lamps.


THE LADY'S SPEECH: Chit-chat is not proper behavior for a lady of great repute, but Sotheby always loves telling others, with a look of intrigue, about what she has seen and heard. Strange experiences, along with strange Arcanum theories-as Ms. Moissan, the governess who endured twelve hours of long-winded lectures, knows all too well.


Damage Type: Reality Damage, Genesis Damage

Tags: DPS, Poison, Heal

Skill 1 - Triple The Dose!: 1-target attack. Deals Reality DMG to 2 enemies and inflicts [Poison] status for certain Debuffs rounds: 


[Poison]: When a round ends, deals Genesis DMG (effect can stack).

Skill 2 - Concentrated Essences!: Mass healing. Inflicts [Cure] status on all allies for certain rounds.


[Cure]: When a round starts, recover HP based on the caster's ATK.

Ultimate - MIX THEM ALL UP!: Mass attack. Deals Reality DMG to all enemies. All active [Poison] and [Cure] statuses on every character take effect immediately.


A Genius Lady:

1st Insight : The duration of [Poison] inflicted by Triple The Dose! +1 round.


2nd Insight: When entering battle, Healing +10%.


3rd Insight: Before Concentrated Essences! inflicts [Cure] status, the [Cure] statuses on all allies take effect immediately.


1st Level: Increase Damage Dealt by MIX THEM ALL UP!


2nd Level: Increase Genesis Damage Dealt by [Poison] Status inflicted using Triple The Dose!


3rd Level: Increases the Healing Amount when using Concentrated Essences!


4th Level: Increase Damage Dealt by MIX THEM ALL UP!


5th Level: Increase Genesis Damage Dealt by [Poison] Status inflicted using Triple The Dose!

First Impressions

Sotheby is a very powerful and versatile Arcanist of the Plant Afflatus that is not only able to deal damage with her skills and special [Poison] debuffs, allowing her to deal 2 different kinds of damage - Reality and Genesis damage, but is also able to heal the entire party immediately with her special skill and even gradually with her ultimate and special [Cure] Status.


Sotheby’s skill kit truly shine when she is used together with other characters that can either inflict the enemies with extra [Poison] Status or grants the party the [Cure] Status, allowing Sotheby to be able to use her ultimate to immediately detonate all [Poison] Status on enemies to deal massive amounts of damage to them while healing the team instantly by activating their [Cure] Status. This synergy makes Sotheby a very powerful early game character to have against a large group of weaker enemies.

How To Obtain

- Sotheby will be available in the game’s launch rate UP banner as a limited character from the 26th of October.


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