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Last Updated: 2022-11-23 Current Version: 1.1.0
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Ys 6 Mobile is coming from the Ys classic series Ys 6 Mobile – The Ark of Napishtim by VNG Corporation. There is both myth and evil here, which has been named the Demon Hunter, and they now want an eye. A new fantasy adventure is to be enjoyed here, and the best emulator, LDPlayer 9, is your best platform to play this game and will have all the features you are expecting to have.


Thrilling Battles, Pet Collections, and Gacha Hero Soul Cards


There are so many combat quests that you can enjoy, from the Ys 6 Mobile, different dungeons, boss raids, story mode, as well as a treasure hunt that will nourish the gameplay to the top. Each of them allows you to earn some valuable rewards, and you can go for epic battles with individual battles or with some team battles.


Throughout the game, you are also allowed to collect pets that will assist you throughout the battles. Upgrading them with their attributes can make you more advanced for combat with the best powers, and you are even allowed to give them unique looks. Ys 6 Mobile will also give you the opportunity to collect several rare soul cards, and these gacha hero cards can be used for your fights to earn top-tier rewards.


Easy Battle and Combats with Easy Controls


You don’t have to stick with the screen-provided controls more. Instead, use your keyboard to control your movements and attacks with  customized control schemes, and this can be easily done with Keyboard Mapping, which you can grab from the LDPlayer 9. And if in case there are repeatable actions, Keyboard Macros are also there to make you powered by merging separate controls for one.


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