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Yokai Kitchen

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Yokai Kitchen INFO Installation tutorial

Three Steps for Downloading and Playing Yokai Kitchen on PC
STEP1: Download LDPlayer and run the installer → Complete the setup
STEP2: Install LD Store (or use Google Play) → Click here to download LD Store APK
STEP3: Install Yokai Kitchen from the store and enjoy playing Yokai Kitchen on your PC
For more information, please click and check out the Installation Tutorial.

Yokai Kitchen - Anime Restaurant Manage RPG is a restaurant manage RPG set in an anime fantasy world. Yokai is a kind of fairy species owns human & animal features both and lives in the Spirit Realm. You are going to collect the amazing Yokai companions, run a volant restaurant and explore mysterious fariyland with your Yokai staff! Get ready ! To start a tasty fantasy adventure now! 

* Serve up! Build Your Dream Restaurant
Get ready! Invent new recipes, cook traditional and creative dishes to cater your picky customers. You can also socialize with costumers and get tip from them!

* Decorate! Define the Culinary Fashion
There are a variety of garnish and decoration items in Yokai Kitchen, the wallpaper, the table and the cooking machine…… Designing and decorating the restaurant with your best taste and creativity! 

* Summon! Collect Anime Yokai Staff
Whether it is mermaid, fox, panda, rosefinch or other incredible Yokai you've never heard, will all hear your call and become your restaurant staff! Summon the personified yokai with unique traits and looks and upgrade their cooking skills to build the best culinary team. 

* Adventure! Explore the Fantasy World
Travel through the mysterious spirit realm with your Yokai companions. Explore the whole land to collect the unique ingredients and discover the new recipes in the combat! Encounter with different Yokai and reveal their life story!

* Farm! Feed the Cute Foodimon
Running a farm is hard and tiring, unless the farm happens to be a relaxing place where you can feed adorable critters! Catch the cute foodimons in adventure and feed them in your farm to get the precious ingredients! 

* Contact us
Customer Service:
Like us on Facebook: @yokaikitchengame


How to download & play Yokai Kitchen on PC

  • 1. Search Google for LDPlayer/Directly enter the official website of LDPlayer (// to download LDPlayer.
  • 2. Install LDPlayer: Directly install/Overlay installation (The installation path can be customized), click Install and wait for the installation process till it is successful.
  • 3. After LDPlayer is installed, check whether the mark "VT" is shown in the top right corner of LDPlayer if LDPlayer is stuck at 94% or 50% (If VT is not shown, it means that VT has been enabled).
  • 4. If VT is enabled but the problem remains, you need to check whether your graphics driver is updated.
  • 5. Open LDStore and type the name of app or game to search for it, and click INSTALL.
  • 6. The solution to the crash: Increase CPU and RAM of LDPlayer; Switch from integrated graphics to discrete graphics; Update the graphics driver; View the CPU and RAM of your PC and then reduce the usage of them.
  • 7. Lag: Increase CPU and RAM of LDPlayer; Switch from integrated graphics to discrete graphics; Update the graphics driver; View the CPU and RAM of your PC and then reduce the usage of them/the used memory of graphics card should be viewed when multiple instances of LDPlayer are running.
  • 8. The APK file you want can't be found: Go to Internet to download the installation package (APK file), and then directly drag the APK file that you downloaded to LDPlayer. Or you can install it through the button Install APK on the right toolbar of LDPlayer; If you have a Google account and the game you want is in the Play Store, you can directly open the built-in Play Store of LDPlayer and then search for the game or app you want and directly click install!
  • 9. Disable root permission when you encounter the prompt such as An emulator is running/Anti-virus software confilicts with the game program/ This device can't be used to play the game and so on.
  • 10. The prompt Installation failed appears during installation: Restart your network.
  • 11. Disconnect from Internet: Exit all your anti-virus software, including the built-in firewall of Windows; Download the tool for resetting the network; Right-click this tool and select Run as administrator; Restart your computer after it finishes resetting.

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LDPlayer 3.73 Release Notes

Last Updated: 2019-10-04


1. Fixed an issue where Call of Duty Mobile would crash when it was launched.