Last Updated: 2022-04-25
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I’m one badass Archdemon, motha fuckaaa! And I’m sick of these basic female demons!! Conquer the world?! Boring!!!! What?! Did you just say that conquering the world will allow me bang tons of chicks!?

I can pound the crap out of humans, elves, dwarfs, princesses, generals, angels, or even the demons whenever I want?! Then what am I waiting for!? Conquer their land and punish all the females!! TenkafuMA! Taste my banana!!

Hilarious plots! No need to "save the world" and boring crap like that, no weird conspiracies that need to be uncovered! Follow Caesar and break all the rules! Conquer everything in your path!

”The only reason I fight... is to get the babes. Every single one of you belongs to me!”


Noggin’ Churning Battles

5 different attributes and jobs, hundreds of skill combinations! Turn-based strategic battle, make that harem strong!

Nudity system that’ll blow your...... mind. Get naked! Let me see those REAL skins! Make those chicks bow down before you!


Nasty Punishments Galore

Love eggs, popsicles, tentacles... etc. Huh, what’s a lamprey?! Use all kinds of weird props to have fun with (and discipline) your women! They’ll fall for you as you unlock all the HCG!

Animated Spine CG, Enjoy the Sex Scenes! Fully-voiced animated Spine CG, experience the most realistic sex adventure! Imprisonment? Tentacles? Cuckold? Everything you can’t think of!

Fulfill all your sex fantasies in TenkafuMA!

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