Superhero Stickman: Battle RPG

Last Updated: 2023-01-26
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"Play as Superhero Stickman and fight against the dark monsters and protect the worlds! Will you be able to defeat all the oncoming waves of evil as a Stickman Hero?

Superhero Sickman gives you all the favorite things in one game - hit and run survival autofire game and stickman archer hero! Stack up awesome skills and fight for your life and remember that once you die, the only way is to start all over again!

There are many magic worlds and challenges ahead. Guide the Stick Hero through the worlds infested with evil monsters. Collect and upgrade your equipment and skills that help you to survive. Better you play better equipment you get. Make your spells most powerfull!

Key Features:
💪 Amazing stick superhero main character
💪 Epic boss fights
👉 ARPG Game
👉 Roguelike shooter
👉 Explore multiple beautifull worlds and challenges
👉 Hit and run game - Dodge enemy attacks, move and autofire while you're standing in place
👉 Level-up and equip powerful equipment to upgrage your skills so you can survive all the worlds and encounters with enemies.
👉 Offline game

Superhero Stickman Features:
🔥 From herds of monsters to epic Big Bosses
🔥 Pick and use skills that suit your playing style
🔥 Be fast! Run, dodge and shoot!
🔥 Invincible weapons, Unlimited upgrades
🔥 Endless adventure through different chapters.

Are you the fan of stickman games including stickman fights and stickman heroes? This game is pefect match for you. It is really easy to play - shoot enemies and fight bosses. Enjoy new type of killing game. Run to survive! Find your favourite hero - apiderman, dark boss, archer, spider, mage, hunter or sickman hero in one of the best superhero games. Become a legend you always dream about. Become the most famous captain in America and all over the world. Defeat enemies form fatasy worlds.

Superhero Stickman offers all kinds of adventure for every adventure seeker. Be tha part of many fantasy worlds. Are you ready to play one of the latest shooting games? 🦸‍♂️"
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