Stray World Adventure

kingooo Studio
Last Updated: 2022-09-26
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This is a terrible game, it's just a knockoff version. Whenever i try to click the play button, it just gives me an ad. I tried numerous times, nothing. Please do not play this or download it, it's just a waste of time.


This game will hack your tablet to play endless ads. It even plays ads when this app is not used and it's not even the game it's just a big trap for the people who download it


i could not even play it just kept showing ads i have played a lot of games and this is by far the worst !!!

Ever wanted to play a game where you’re a cat?
Live an exprience with a stray cat has been separated from its family, who falls into a walled city populated by machines, and bacteria, robots in forgotten city. Along with a drone known as B12, the stray cat must use its unique feline capabilities to survive various attacking, solve puzzles.

In Stray, you have an control a cat into open world full of mysteries. Using the cat’s various skills, players can solve mysteries around the walled city. This includes jumping to high-up locations and pushing things with help a ropot B12 and alot of thionks you will uncover in stray game.
👉 Features
• Similar stray cat game with beautiful grafic.
• Including addition comрlеtе guіdе to know bеforе startіng to Stray, fеaturіng cat story solutіons, tірs and trіcks, and іnformatіon on whеrе to fіnd family of cat of thе gamе.
👉 Enjoy and good luck to achieve results.
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