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Sichuan Survival

Sichuan Survival


Last Updated:: 2019-12-24

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Game Info

This is a kind of game called Sichuan, Four Rivers Mahjong, Shisen Sho, Mahjong Solitaire etc.
Sichuan Survival is completely free of charge.
Players play to clear each level and make consecutive wins rather than to beat the clock. There are more than 11000 different puzzles in all, and all can be cleared.

Mahjong tiles are used in puzzles that start out relatively simple and easy to clear, and gradually get more difficult and have lower rates of success. All of the more than 11000 puzzles can be successfully completed.

Sichuan has a tutorial and 5 courses: 50 easy, 100 regular, 1000regular, 10000 regular, and 150 difficult tasks.
Players familiar with how to play Sichuan may decide to skip the tutorial.

Players can start with any course and even change courses partway. The opening stages of each course have a small number of puzzles that are not too difficult. Level 6 is where it gets more difficult and consecutive wins are counted.

Every move is saved, so you can play for as long or as little as you like and go back to finish it up later.
There is no time limit, but you can only “undo” a move once per game, so
feel free to take your time and think carefully.
If you make a mistake, you can check an example of how the puzzle can be solved, and then try again with the knowledge that there is a solution. Along with your accumulative record for all stages and levels, you will also have records for each course and stage, and be able to check your national rankings in real time.

※Game rules
This is a standard type of puzzle game often known as Mahjong Solitaire. Two of the same tile can be linked by a straight line, uninterrupted by any tiles on the board, by making no more than two right-angle turns. The player finds the pair and clicks on both tiles. If the match is a good one, the tiles are removed from the game, making way for other pairs. The player wins when all the tiles are matched and removed. The player loses when no more pairs are possible and tiles are left on the board.

We want to continue to make improvements. Please report any bugs or other problems, and let us know your opinions of and requests for the game.

Special Thanks:
- 来夢来人
- 魔王魂

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How to Install Sichuan
Survival on PC

  • 1Download LDPlayer installer on your desktop

    Download LDPlayer installer on your desktop

  • 2Run the installer and complete the setup

    Run the installer and complete the setup

  • 3Search Sichuan Survival on the search bar

    Search Sichuan Survival on the search bar

  • 4Install the game from LD Store (Or Google Play)

    Install the game from LD Store (Or Google Play)

  • 5Once installation completes, click the icon to launch the game

    Once installation completes, click the icon to launch the game

  • 6Enjoy playing Sichuan Survival on your PC with LDPlayer

    Enjoy playing Sichuan Survival on your PC with LDPlayer

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