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Man, this is really my kind of game! Not to easy, not to hard, and I can be one of my favorite characters, but as a sausage! But I gave it 4 stars because it crashes sometimes and even worried me when one of the crashes actually turned off my phone! But it was ok, and yes there are a few ads every 5-10 mins but all things considered, pretty good game


Benefits: It can help pass the time very well, and is extremely fun as it is supposed to be of course. Downfalls: It has one or two ads every time a battle ends; once I press continue. This happens ALL THE TIME.


The game is incredibly fun with a good one touch control, but it get very unfair as you go forward. Enemies has more knockback power than you for no reason, attacking seems bugged because they, and you, can still attack while being hitted while it's still giving knockback, but the part that turn me away is that enemies can help and save each other -this is supposed to be a Free-For-All game!!! But it's literally everyone vs you and the stages put more obstacles to hurt the injury...

Battle time in the crowd city! Careful - it’s a hot-dog-eat-hot-dog world out there. So fight to the death and push em all till your enemies are oozing ketchup!!

The infamous sausage is back, and all that dying has made him just a tad power-hungry and ready to fight, smash and push em all! Help him fight and kill all the other sausages till he’s the last dog standing and the master of the sausage wars io battle arena placed in a crowd city full of angry sausages!

Tap and hold to move your sausage around the sausage wars battle arena.
Release to head-bang and push enemy sausages into sausage wars io battle obstacles like sharp tools, kitchen sinks, garden fire, or off the counter to their doom. The crowd city is actually overcrowd and we need to empty it! Try to push em all, fight and smash those sausages to smithereens!

Don’t forget your hot-diggity-dog victory dance at the end of each sausage wars io battle level!

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