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Last Updated: 2022-12-08 Current Version: 1.5.2
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My account is on level 8 suddenly it says "network error" and forcing the game to stop. Then i open the game again and i need to play from the beginning. Where's my current character? I search on different servers but nowhere to be found. Why i must go from gender selection again? Then i play again, this time at account level 5 when eame error happened again.


Stuck on tutorial part where it asks you to wear a headgear and you're forced to click the "auto equip" button. I clicked it and the headgear is equipped, but it's still stuck there telling me to click the "auto equip" . I'm not even sure why would the devs force you to play the tutorial. The game is self explanatory ESPECIALLY the equipping parts.


Saw friends playing! So I downloaded it myself! I personally think the picture is exquisite! Easy to control! Much more fun than other similar games! Very exciting! Sometimes waiting for the bus or something will come to the game! very good! Support it! Hope to do better

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Ragnarok Arena is an RPG strategy game currently under pre-registration by Gravity Game Hub. The legendary monsters and the characters from Ragnarok Online have inspired it. Ragnarok Arena's release date is set for the 08th of December 2022. There will be a lot of monsters to be continued through your game here, and the best emulator: LDPlayer 9, is the best place to enjoy the game to the fullest with superior quality achieved for the gameplay.


Classes with a Job Change System, Monsters, Farming, PVP, and More


The classes and their separate job change system are identified as unique features in Ragnarok Arena. Your main character from this game can freely roam between job classes with several combat styles. There are also so many online monsters that you have seen from Ragnarok Online that will be featured in Ragnarok Arena, and they can be used to form a powerful team and battle on the adventure.


You need to build the most powerful team here to beat the enemies, and your monsters will also fight for you automatically in this game. There will also be several PVP contents to be taken part in Ragnarok Arena, where you have to fight for your honor and to beat other guilds. These are going to make you the highest points too. So many game modes are also there to be enjoyed with never-ending challenges.


Enjoy the Best Ragnarok Arena Gameplay with Best Settings


Ragnarok Arena is a beautiful game to enjoy with every element and if you want superior gaming, have the best quality of gameplay achieved with LDPlayer 9. There you will have the best FPS settings with the best optimizations done over your graphics, eventually leading you to enjoy the Ragnarok Arena gameplay to the fullest.


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