Pixel Hero: Vampire Survival

Last Updated: 2022-12-06
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Pixel Hero is a roguelike shooting survival game. Swarms of Cthulhu monsters roam this once peaceful land when darkness falls. You need to choose a hero and fight your way through waves of monsters.
Each Hero has his unique abilities. The game's randomness is shown by various weapon combinations and numerous random attack combos. Adhering to traditional monster-killing gameplay, players get one chance to randomly enhance themselves every time they level up and can make their own fighting style.

How to play:
Endless monsters will emerge from the darkness within 20 minutes before dawn arrives. What you need to do is pick up your weapon and kill all monsters in your sight.
You can pick up fluorescent balls dropped by dead monsters to level up. Each level-up grants you a chance to randomly enhance (1 in 5) yourself.
Collect scattered resources, select level-up skills, and enhance yourself to fight ever-increasing monsters.

Game Features:
1. A roguelike shooting game with a time limit, it is the best time-killer.
2. Use in-game currencies to unlock more roles and weapons.
3. The Rune system will help you quickly establish stronger skill combos.
4. Two different modes offer a brand-new experience: Survival Mode & Standard Mode.
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