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Last Updated: 2022-09-16
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The animation and music is top notch and it tells a nice quick story. My main issue is the puzzles are just non-intuitive to a fault. Sometimes you are swiping, sometimes point and hold. Too many times I was banging my head against a wall to look up a solution I'd never have guessed. Play it but don't be afraid to use a walkthrough when needed.


I love Samorost, but the first one was definitely better. 2 has complications that make it harder to enjoy... Mobile version needs a zoom feature. Tiny objects are impossible to see or tap (a deflated balloon, really?). Also, mechanics are very unclear in terms of what you can tap, what you can tap and drag, and what you can carry. Everything is unique, unpredictable, and surrealistic--which is charming, but it also makes some puzzles impossible to figure out without a walkthrough.


A classic. It's pretty short and I did need to consult a walkthrough a few times, but I'll forgive it for it's charm and amazing visual style. If you have Play Pass, get this! If not, play Samorost 1 first, it's free and gives you a good idea of what to expect from this one. Samorost 2 seems just a little bit longer than Samorost 1, but that's not saying much, they're both pretty short. Keep in mind, the appeal of this game is not in the puzzles or gameplay, it's in the artistry.

Jump back in time and experience the gnome's second cosmic adventure for the first time on mobile in this new enhanced version!

Samorost 2 tells a surreal story of a space gnome whose dog just got kidnapped by mischievous aliens. Set out on a short expedition to rescue the pup, deal with curious strangers and relax to the soothing music by Tomáš "Floex" Dvořák.

The new and improved version brings:
- Enhanced graphics with full-screen support
- A bunch of game design tweaks
- Revamped save system (no more level codes!)
- New zoom feature
- Achievements
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