Misty Continent: Cursed Island

Last Updated: 2022-11-24 Current Version: 1.0.4
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Bring your torch and light up the path for what lies ahead.
According to old legends, there are seven secret treasures of the sea gods left in the world. They can either unleash terror or bring infinite power. Any one of these treasures can turn a human into greatness, and the one who collects all seven treasures will rule the seas!

==Game Features==
◆Explore the Cursed Island! When you are fighting against ghosts and sea monsters for the buried treasures, vicious pirates will watch your every move and strike when you least expect it, so beware!
◆Build up your Stronghold! Gear yourself up for dangerous quests in the mist. During the downtime between exploring and treasure-hunting, join your buddies over for dinner and endless beer and drink merrily until the sun rises!
◆Craft unique Artifacts! Clear all your obstacles by having more treasures and powerful abilities that will aid your treasure hunts/
◆Make Friends Around the World! Gather your army and fight alongside your buddies! Be it on land or at sea, no matter how powerful your enemies might be, your friends will be there for you to battle with until the very end.
◆A Wealth of Strategies! A resourceful king knows how to calculate, maneuver, and manipulate in order to stay on top.
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