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The overall experience is what I expect of something close to worthy of the Great Tomb. You aren't bombarded with tutorials, nor does the gameplay feel oppressive or P2W. The art style holds true to the source and makes you feel a part the story with it's narration. For the best experience, download the full game data from the settings menu in the game. There is however one problem I have with the game, and that is the pricing of the monetisation (paid crystals).


Can't log in. Played almost 2 days, enjoyed everything, then it broke. Returns to title screen with error ID 7:99, had to reinstall and lose my progress because I could'nt set a transfer password, and Player ID is apparently not enough. After 2 more tries reinstalling it, no progress, same error, and now lost data as well. Game was great, would rate 5 stars, just released too early, should have checked more for bugs and glitches, guess I will have to wait until a new updated version comes out.


PSA: The global server was shut down, making this unplayable. This very much is a pay-to-win gacha (a.k.a. lootbox) game. I started playing it expecting something like that, so I'm okay with it. However, I haven't spent a cent on the game. The various story arcs are pretty good, I enjoy them a lot. The gameplay can get pretty repetitive and boring, but fights with high level enemies can be challenging. I would like to have a better way to return to the "main" screen from the various sub-menus.

Overlord's first full smartphone game based on the anime has finally arrived!

▼ Play the Completely Original Story just for MASS FOR THE DEAD
- The story is based on the idea of Kugane Maruyama.
- "Yggdrasil", a popular online game, is unfortunately shutting down and you’re unable to logout. Trapped in a defunct MMORPG, ready your team alongside the powerful skeletal ruler, Momonga, and dungeon crawl through this otherworldly dark fantasy RPG.

▼Game System
- Strategize, build, and customize your team in a turn-based battle system, where each action and each turn holds the key to victory or defeat.
- Create a 4-member party, wielding skills and ultimate attacks to clear difficult quests.
- Battle in live 4-player co-op and work with your allies to defeat powerful enemies.

▼2x Speed & Auto-Play Mode
- Breeze through dungeons with Auto-Play and 2x Speed modes. Collecting loot has never been faster.

▼Deepen Your Bond Using a Unique Relationship System
- Build relationships with the characters who join your party to unlock special voice lines or new scenarios.

▼Game Theme Song

▼Featuring Original Voice Overs From the Anime
Satoshi Hino / Yumi Hara / Sumire Uesaka / Emiri Kato / Yumi Uchiyama / Masayuki Kato / Kenta Miyake / Shigeru Chiba / Hiromi Igarashi / Mikako Komatsu / Manami Numakura / Asami Seto / Ayane Sakura / Kei Shindo /Hiroki Tochi / Naomi Kusumi / Sora Amamiya / Koji Ishii / Kiyono Yasuno / Ryota Osaka / Minoru Inaba / Takehito Koyasu / Hiroshi Shirokuma / Aoi Yuki /Koji Yusa / Ami Koshimizu / Kimiko Saito / Yumiri Hanamori / Masaaki Ihara / Shinya Hamazoe / Shizuka Ishigami / Miyu Tomita / Akeno Watanabe / Marika Kono / M・A・O /Kazuyuki Okitsu / Natsuki Hanae / Mutsumi Tamura / Ryota Takeuchi / Junpei Asashina / Tooru Sakurai / Mamoru Miyano (Credits listed in no particular order)

▼Official Game Site

▼Official Social Media Accounts
Facebook - @OverlordMFTD
Twitter - @OverlordMFTD
Instagram - @OverlordMFTD
Youtube -
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