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Last Updated: 2022-11-26

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This bare-bones app still functions as a strike team manager even after three years without an update. This thing is fresh from 2017. Cool. As for Andromeda: it's not the Mass Effect that everyone expected, but it is the beautiful buggy bag of fun and futility that we deserve. I kinda dig the whole sci-fi explorer shtick, even with the broken bits. The multi-player is...well, at least it's better than previous games. Still...meh. Overall, it was worth every penny of ~$10. 🤙


Awful. It forces you to authenticate with EA servers, which are already some of the most inconsistent logins and worst kept servers on the planet, and generally displays "Oops, there was an error". I've had to reinstall twice in 2 days because of a litany of errors, ranging from unreadable images, to non responsive UI, to the aforementioned screen after every single completed mission. This last one is a problem because there is no way to check a mission summary for APEX missions. A train wreck.


This is a barebones app that amazingly still works perfectly with the main game it supports. It does exactly what it says on the tin and considering the age of Mass Effect Andromeda now that's impressive that it's still supported to do so. Also, I'll address a post from another reviewer who erroneously thought it was a flaw to have Gold missions not be a 100% guarantee even after levelling a team; That's the point! They offer the greatest rewards & therefore still must represent a level of risk

Mass Effect: Andromeda APEX HQ
Can’t put down Mass Effect: Andromeda’s multiplayer? APEX HQ lets you stay connected outside of the game! Customize your loadout ahead of a match, command Strike Team missions, check your stats and more.

Feature Highlights:

Swap character’s weapons, mods and equipment, and spend skill points to create your perfect character loadout on-the-go and be ready to jump into a multiplayer match any time.

Stay up-to-date on the latest multiplayer news, see new missions, and check when current missions expire.

View items you’ve unlocked (and the ones you haven’t), check your progress on multiple challenges, and see where you rank in global leaderboards and among friends.

Recruit Strike Teams and send them on perilous missions from within the app. If the mission is a success, you’ll receive rewards to use in-game.

Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement
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