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Last Updated: 2023-03-23

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Very nicely crafted puzzle game in the spirit of the room. It's okay, quite short but enjoyable. The one thing I will point out and also the reason for a star off is that it doesn't mention on the play page that it only gives you access to a tiny demo before purchasing. The price is okay, but make it more transparent that the game does cost and how much


This is a well-crafted and fun puzzle game. However, in my opinion it is way too easy. This can easily be finished in two hours without ever being stuck. But be warned: your phone might overheat if you attempt it (mine got too hot to touch and I got a warning from the system so I was forced to do a break).


Top quality graphics and technical detail design in this alien machine puzzle game. Puzzles are not too complicated and quite logical at most times. Great way of tying all machines tgt in the last chapter. I did experience a bug in chap 6 or 7, where one of the parts that's suppse to fit in the machine (I had to Google it) and didn't. I had to restart the chapter and do it in the correct sequence to cont. Excited for the next episode.

Come discover beautiful mysterious machines of extra-terrestrial origins and use your logic and sense of observation to fix them; and uncover a galaxy-spanning story.

Machinika Museum is a puzzle game for people who like to have their brain teased and love a nice story to go along. Do you like The Room? Myst? The Witness? Machinarium? Escape games? Do you like finding out what is behind a locked door? So do we!

Key features:

• Mind bending Puzzles: use your sharp logic skills and your sense of observation
• Mysterious atmosphere and story: there is so much you don't know about yet...
• Wonderful visuals, cryptic alien machines have never looked better
• Intuitive and enjoyable touch controls. Why make it complicated?
• Available in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian

What are these machines? Who sent them? And why won't anyone give you answers? You will have to find for yourself. In this far future, finding machines from alien civilizations is not unusual, especially in a museum dedicated to them. But this time it looks like something deeper is hidden from you...
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