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Last Updated: 2022-08-25
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Pretty solid survivor grinder, yes it gets tricky at times but it gives you some leeway to get through the main stages and level up your main character and gear. Yes you have to watch ads for stuff but to me that is free stuff I don't have to pay for with money which helps me level stuff up faster. I'd personally rather watch ads for items than either get annoying ads in between stages or have to pay in order to progress at all. The only nitpick I have is that it crashes during ads sometimes.


You run around a boundless area with endless enemies closing in from all sides. No level changes, no interruptions, no changes. You keep collecting dropped items until you have enough points for the next powerup, then choose a"random" battle skill/weapon which stack if you choose more of the same kind. Then you die, upgrade a bit of your stats with whatever you earned, rinse and repeat.


Absolutely love this game, from the controls to the artwork. However, could you please please PLEASE change the sound effect of the tornado? It's not unlike a robotic cat being tortured..? It is so hard on the ears I have to turn off all the sound effects when I get that skill, and I think it is on of the best skills in the game. Other than that, the game is perfect lol.

Lonely Survivor is an adventure roguelike game. In the game, you can endlessly harvest enemies, upgrade your skills, and defeat the menacing enemy army. Waves of legions are coming, ready for a battle of heroes? Continue to collect the EXP and gold dropped by the enemy to enhance your combat ability. Upgrade equipment and talents to expand your own advantages and create your secret recipe for victory.

Game feature:
1. One-finger operation, endless harvesting pleasure.
2. Random skills, the strategic choices are up to you.
3. Dozens of stage maps to breakthrough, mixed attack of minions and boss, do you dare to accept the challenges?
4. Unstoppable skill combo release, facing challenges head-on, becoming more and more indestructible.
5. Supply treasure chest, ability potions make your HP more durable.
6. 3D realistic animation, visual experience MAX

Fight alone and survive. A brand new roguelike game experience, turn on the infinite firepower mode and enjoy it! Pay attention to your HP bar, and look for treasure chests at the right time. Maybe you will get something surprising. If you fail, you have to start all over again. The more frustrated you are, the braver you are. What are you waiting for? Come and download Lonely Survivor, and adventure with the brave mage!
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