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Last Updated: 2023-06-07

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Log in to get 200 free draws total, Finish the main story progress to get THREE THOUSAND draws!!!

Game Features

Collect and Build Your Own Team
Over 43 fighters in six factions. Meet those familiar fighters here and upgrade them to build the ultimate lineups.

Upgrade Fighters Easily and Freely
Trying all heroes that you want to use is not a dream here. There is a fighter rebirth function to return ALL resources that you used. So feel free to use any resources to power up your fighters. Never be afraid of training your heroes wrongly as a newbie here. Upgrade easily and get more fun.

Strategic Battle
Know your fighters well, equip and power up them and strategize your exclusive lineups to overcome enemies. Make full use of the formation buff and faction restraint. It will be a great help to you in battle.

Both Rival and Ally, Play with Friends
Enjoy the duel to compete in arenas K.O opponents! Cooperate with friends to conquer enemies in team mode!

A Real Real Real Idle RPG
No more sophisticated operation tech, what you need to do is deploy your fighters, and then they will fight for you. Almost all modes can be skipped, thus daily quests can be finished within 10 minutes. With power disparity, you can smash all enemies to earn resources easily and quickly.

Follow our community to get the latest game info, and feel free to contact us if met any issues in the game.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Legend-of-Fighters-102179536155954
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What is Legend of Fighters: Duel Star PC version?

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Is it possible to play Legend of Fighters: Duel Star on PC without Android emulator?

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How to Download and Install Legend of Fighters: Duel Star on PC

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